The Lowell Girls The Female Workforce Essay

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The Lowell Girls: The Female Workforce Essay, Research Paper Lowell girls worked in textile mills. They were called Lowell girls because the textile mills were owned my Mr. Lowell. These girls became the first female workforce. There are substantial reasons for becoming a Lowell girl and these women went on to have a very big impact on the economy. One may wonder why these women would leave the comfort of their own farms to work in a textile mill away from their family and under strict regulations. This is because becoming a Lowell girl gave these girls independence from their parents. Women at this time were very repressed, so this sort independence was freedom they had never experienced. The parents were not complaining either, because the girls were of no use to their

parents. The boys could be put to work on the farm, but girls were not permitted to do manual labor on the farm. The parents and girls had no worries about safety of the girls because the girls were protected from being taken advantage of or being harmed in anyway because the girls were housed in dorms that were under constant surveillance. Being a Lowell girl would be a prime opportunity for a young women during this time period. The Lowell girls had a big impact on the economy of this time. Due to the embargo act, America was forced to develop some domestic industry. These textile mills were run by these women. These textile mills in a way saved America, because previously America had no means for manufacturing things. The impact of these women on the economy was fully shown

when they decided to go on strike. The textile production came to a halt. These women had such an impact on the economy that when they protested or went on strike, they always were given what they were fighting for. In conclusion, the Lowell girls were in great numbers because of the many reasons to become a Lowell girl. The economy of America was in a way saved by the textile mills that were run by these girls. The impact of the Lowell girls was recognized then, and still recognized now hundreds of years later