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box because the ritual is an outdated and primitive practice. However, they cling to the tradition by continuing the ritual and talk of replacing the box, but all that talk just fade off with nothing being done (317). The color of the black box symbolizes death, evil, and irrationalism, which are all of the elements of the ceremony. The villagers focus on the gruesome rather than the symbolic nature because although the ritual had been allowed to lapse (317), and no one wants to replace the deteriorated box, they still remembered to use stones (322). When Mr. Summers set the black box on the stool, the townspeople are hesitant to help steady it, the villagers kept their distance, leaving a space between themselves and the stool (316). Their apprehension and nervousness towards

the black box is because of its sacrificial contents which contains a list of heads of families, head of households in each families (317). The box is closed and locked up (317), which symbolizes mystery and uncertainty of which head will be chosen. Although the ritual is primitive, they justify the act as always been a lottery (319). On an individual basis, the stoning of Mrs. Hutchinson would be deemed murder, but as a group, it is classified as tradition because everyone does it. Mrs. Hutchinson and Mrs. Delacroix are obviously friends, however, the author states that Mrs. Delacroix chooses the biggest stone. Shirley Jackson uses The Lottery to show the horror in an ordinary village by their irrational ritual, and how they lean towards violence to justify their act instead of

a civilized, modern tradition.