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Princess Irene, Anastasia’s aunt, to come visit and possibly identify Anna. When Princess Irene came, Anna recognized her immediately as her “Aunt Nini.” Betrayed and hurt that her aunt had had to test her, sensitive Anna ran from the room and refused to speak with Irene. The princess said she could not be sure if Anna was Anastasia because she had not seen her niece for ten years; however, she did say that Anna’s hair, forehead, and eyes were identical to Anastasia’s. Shortly after this incident, Anna expressed a wish to see her uncle, Grand Duke Ernest Ludwig of Hesse, with whom she had been close as a child. One of Anna’s friends contacted the Grand Duke, who showed an interest in meeting Anna and wished that she would be recognized. He changed his tune when she

innocently mentioned that she remembered that he had visited Russia during World War I to negotiate a separate peace between Russia and Germany. The Grand Duke knew that if Anna’s statement were ever proven true, that he had visited the enemy during war and tried to bargain for peace, he would never regain his political power. This, and the fact that he was next in line to throne of Russia if Anna was not Anastasia, caused him to deny Anna. Anna’s next visitor was Shura Gilliard, Anastasia’s nursemaid. Anna, again seriously ill, refused to see her, but Shura uncovered Anna’s feet and stared. She remarked that Anna had a deformity on her feet identical to Anastasia’s. She checked Anna’s body for the scars Anastasia had had and found them. When she had finished, Anna

took some cologne, placed it in Shura’s hand, and asked her to moisten her forehead. Shura recognized the strange request as a ritual that she and the Grand Duchess used to do before bedtime. Shura then left her and returned with Grand Duchess Olga, the Tsar’s sister. With two people in the room besides Shura, Olga openly recognized Anna as Anastasia. She left after a short visit and promised to write; Olga wrote to Anna three times before she, too, turned against the young woman. Olga’s betrayal of Anna sadly resulted from something Anna herself had said. During one of their conversations about the Romanov wealth, Anna had told her not to worry because Nicholas II had deposited millions of dollars into an English bank for his daughters. She further explained that as soon

as she was legally recognized, they could retrieve the money. Olga, whose financial situation was not at all promising, digested this information and decided to deny her title, so that she, Olga, could inherit the money left in the bank after Anna s death. There are reports, however, that before she died, she paced back and forth in a panic, shouting, “What have I done to my niece” Although the Romans rejected her, some of Anastasia’s childhood friends came to meet with Anna and judge for themselves about who she really was. Gleb and Tatiana Botkin, children of the Imperial family’s physician, were among the first to recognize her and not change their minds about it. Gleb was convinced she was an imposter until she asked him if he had brought any of his animals with him.

Gleb was in shock; he realized that she was referring to the animal sketches he used to make for Anastasia as a child and that nobody knew about the pictures except for the Grand Duchess. Tatiana noticed that when Anna was angry, she broke out in red blotches all over her skin, something both the young Anastasia and the Tsarina Alexandra had done. The two Botkins convinced she was genuine, set out to prove it. Gleb urged Anna to file a lawsuit in Germany to settle the question of who she was and to secure financial stability for herself. Anna agreed to the court case but refused to testify on her own behalf. However, she decided to undergo the physical and mental examinations required to gather evidence to strengthen her case. Anna made a grave mistake by bringing her case to

court. Up until this point, many influential Russians had been openly trying to help her achieve recognition. But these people also felt that publicly defying the monarchy was not good for their reputation, so they withdrew their support, although a few did continue to help her secretly. Nevertheless, Gleb was determined to get Anna her identity, so the court case went on as scheduled. Hundreds of witnesses testified on both sides. The matter of Anastasia’s education was brought up. The Grand Duchess had spoken Russian, English, French, and German. Anna Anderson displayed an outstanding knowledge of each language, except for Russian. She refused to speak it, saying it brought back painful memories. The prosecution used this against her: how could the Grand Duchess Anastasia not