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mastered humans by killing them, the beast could no longer be something human. The beast must always be above- never equal nor below, never killable nor reachable. “Simon came running, yelling something about a dead man on a hill?The boys made a horseshoe and struck the beast again and again with their spears?as the body floated away, they saw what small a beast it was” - Golding pg 139 After the murder of Simon the boys knew that they had the power to kill man, so the beast must change to that of some thing above man. “This pigs head is a sacrifice, a gift to the beast? Jack said?The lord of the flies just sat on his stick and grinned” - Golding pg 125 The Lord of the Flies, the pigs head, was a sacrifice to the beast. The Lord of the Flies is the direct translation of

the Hebrew word, Beelzebub. Thus the boys were sacrificing to an immortal godlike being, the devil, Satan, Lucifer, Mooch the monarch of hell. The boys vision of god changed as they mastered different elements of themselves. Just as the Paleolithic tribesmen and the Hebrews idea of god change as they progressed both morally and physically and could defeat more and more, they kept setting there goal of god higher than them. In the Chinese culture, for example, it was the goal of all emperors to become gods. However, with each progressive step they took, they raised their idea of god as well.