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barely see into his window. When she asked him how fast he was going, he said Oh, about 72 or 73. She went to her car, came back and said, I m not even going to give you a warning. You re the first man that never lied to me. You can spot his work ethic a mile away. He has missed only one appointment in the past 10 years, and that was due to winter weather. That s why the attitude of some drivers today annoys him. A lot of these young guys can t pass a truckstop, they ve got to go in and brag awhile, he says. They don t care. They re late for appointments. Then they complain about their jobs. Well, it s their own fault. Anyone who can drive their way to paying off $300,000 in medical bills has to have his nose to the grindstone. Emil Treuthardt still drives 100,000 miles a year,

and he has many more miles planned. He says he s heard of drivers working into their 80s and 90s. I m still just a greenhorn, he says.