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together, that float on top the mantle. These plate are carried along and bring along the continent, country or island that sit atop it. This theory help to explain the formation, movement, collision and destruction of the Earth’s crust. This links continental drift and ocean floor spreading and explains how the earth has evolved over time. There are seven major plates of the Earth, some are very large and some are very small. These plates seem to be moving in all different directions and speeds. The plates will have one of the three types of plate boundaries. Either the divergent, convergent, or strike-slip. The divergent boundary occurs at a midocean ridge, in which they move apart from one another. When the plates come together at a trench the boundary is called convergent.

Boundaries formed by a lateral fault are the strike-slip boundaries. These two plates will slip and grind past each other. One of the most famous strike-slip boundaries is the San Andreas Fault in California. On the west, the Pacific plate is slowly grinding northwest while the plate on the east, the North American plate, is sliding west. By the 1960’s it became obvious that the Earth was far more dynamic then ever imagined. What could “Transfer of Energy”, or the heating and cooling of the Earth, have anything to do with plate tectonics? In plate tectonics as you know there are many lithosphereic plates. Under these plates there is very hot magma. This magma is constantly heating and cooling. This heating and cooling cycle is forming a circular motion or a convection

current. This convection current carries along the plate that floats on top of it causing the continents to move. It took about 400 billion years or so to create what we come to know now. Our Earth has many dynamic forces that destroy it and there is those that help to create it. Our Earth is constantly changing and it never rests. Some people might think of the Earth as a dead thing that we just walk upon but it’s far more then that. The Earth is our Living Machine. Bibliography atrhzerfhb rtdyhrth tdyetyh