The Little Business Man Essay Research Paper

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The Little Business Man Essay, Research Paper The Little Business Man By Morley Callaghan In this story, The Little Business Man, by Morley Callaghan, we met several different characters. The most important characters, Luke and Uncle Henry, had several different values. Luke s values were care, protection and optimism, while his uncle s values were organization, insensibility, and efficiency. Luke s values were care, protection, and optimism. His first value is care because when Dan fell down the stairs when Uncle Henry tripped over him, Luke helped Dan to get up. He patted Dan and Dan licked his hand. All he needed was the touch of [Luke s] hand (15). Luke s second value is safety because when Uncle Henry proposed to do something with Dan, Luke jumped in right away,

defending Dan of his degrading health condition. Oh, yes, he can [see] (15). Luke has optimism because when Luke went to Mr. Kemp to figure how to bring Dan back to the house, Mr. Kemp proposed that Luke should pay 75 cents a week. After the idea was proposed and accepted, Luke hoped that he would grow up to be just like Mr. Kemp. [Luke] began to dream of some day being as wise as old Mr. Kemp and knowing how to handle people (22). The previous shows how Luke values many different aspects of his life. Uncle Henry s values were organization, insensibility, and efficiency. Uncle Henry has organization because when Luke was introducing Uncle Henry to the audience, he said that Uncle Henry put a price on everything. At the end of the day, he took note for everything that he spent

money on. In the evenings, Luke used to sit in the living room watching his uncle making notations in a black notebook which he always carried in his vest pocket, and he knew that he was assessing the value of the smallest transaction that had taken place during the day (13). Uncle Henry has insensibility because when he wanted to go to the veranda, he tripped on Dan, saying that he didn t have a use. Can t use him for anything. He just eats and sleeps and gets in the way. (14). Uncle Henry has efficiency because when he asked Luke to go to the store to buy him some cigars, Luke wanted to bring Dan along. Uncle Henry said that wasn t a good idea because he would slow Luke down, which would slow down the delivery of his cigars. It ll take you all afternoon. I want those cigars.

Get going, Luke (16). The previous shows how Uncle Henry values many different aspects of his life. In conclusion, these two characters, Luke and Uncle Henry, have contrasting values. Even though Luke may have very different values than to his uncle, they re still related. In the end, everything works out between them and they no longer argue about the fate of Dan.