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together but aren?t muddy. The colors push towards the wild side of earthy. Instead of a deep maroon in the boy?s striped shirt, Brown uses a muted red; all of the hues are treated in this manner. The figures presented in a two O?clock light but the background seems unaffected by the time of day. ?Joe-Bot? and ?Untitled,? chosen from the Lighter Side of Bay Area Figuration typify this exhibit?s diversity. Clayton Bailey exposes the lighter side of sculpture while Joan Brown toys with the liberty painters were taking in a quiet rebellion against the New York art world during the 1960s and 1970s (SFMA, 1). This exciting combination of medium and ideas still conveys a sense of ?smartness? to the art despite the ?low brow and?consciously articulated anti-intellectualism? (Chadwick,

309) through its humor. San Jose Museum of Art, ?The Lighter Side of Bay Area Figuration?. SJMA. September 2000. Chadwich, Whitney. ?Narrative Imagism and the Figurative Tradition in Northern California Painting.? Art Journal. Winter 1985. Pages 309-314.