The Light Of Reincarnation Essay Research Paper

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The Light Of Reincarnation Essay, Research Paper The Light of Reincarnation Reincarnation has been the talk for thousands of years. The gospels say when the Christian Master (Jesus) asked “Whom say the people that I am?,” One answered “Jesus was John the Baptist returned.” It was well known by then John the Baptist had been decapitated long before. Others said “He was regarded as the reincarnation either of Elias or of Jerimias.” They both had been dead for centuries. This indicates how popular the subject was then, also among the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Irish, and Indians on the American continents, in a time when religion did not concede of the belief in reincarnation. Jesus never denied the truth of reincarnation (Cooper intro. v-vi). In the past, it has

been a very controversial issue and will continue to be widely debated. However, reincarnation is the key to our very existence and the truth to life. “Reincarnation is the means by which hosts of evolving lives, of all degrees of development, are brought into association with evolving physical forms of all degrees of complexity”(Cooper 14). The basic belief is that the soul cannot be reincarnated into the body of an animal. Humans are not reborn directly after they die either(Cooper 20-21). According to Irving S. Cooper, in past lives we have been painfully suffering because we were passionate, willful, and at times cruel. But after many centuries we began to stop wrong-doing. We have grown through contact with the people around us, the regulation of the law, and through the

pressure of physical being its self(Cooper 16). There are many objections and “logical arguments” to the question of reincarnation. One of the objections being: progress can be achieved by humans without having to return to this planet(Cooper 48-51). Some of the logical arguments are: one life on earth is useless in millions of cases, it makes the achievement of perfection attainable(Cooper 59-78). There is however more direct information that favors the belief in reincarnation. Because we cannot remember our past lives, there is no way of knowing if we in fact lived them. However, the first three or four years of our present life have been entirely blocked out of our memory. We know we must have been alive and conscious then because we are alive and conscience today. We do

not have any personal proof of the situation as far as memory goes. All details have also been forgotten. Not only in those three to four years but more recently as well, such as earlier today. The brain lets us forget a great amount of detail. For example: “we are careful not to put our fingers into boiling water.” Why? Not because we have made the mistake recently but because many years ago before we can remember, we suffered painfully when we threw our fingers into the boiling water. It had to have caused such a horrid pain because of our present caution(Cooper 80-83). There are many proofs to reincarnation. Instinct can logically explained by reincarnation. A new born chick, just hatched from the egg, runs for its safety when it sees the shadow of a hawk grace across the

ground. The experience from past lifetimes lets the baby chick escape from danger instinctively(Cooper 85). It is said that when a child takes to a certain interest, like music, it is supposedly a sign that in a past life, they were musicians. This is also true when a child grasps certain instruction quickly. Maternal instinct is often times found in girls and sometimes in boys. A child playing with dolls is most likely recalling memories of an actual maternal experience from a past life(Cooper 85). Reincarnation can also be used to explain many otherwise unexplainable things, such as the following: * Ability/ Talent Each person has a certain talent that they have an exceptional ability for naturally. Usually this is a talent that has tied over from many lives. In order to keep a