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the presidency on his own, This progressive, or Bull Moose Party, split the Republican vote down the middle, and the democratic candidate, Woodrow Wilson ended up winning the election. Taft ended up 3rd place in the ballot. When Taft s term ended in 1913 he became a professor of constitutional law at the University of Yale. Then during World War 1, Taft served as joint chairman or the National War Labor Board. Then in 1921, President Warren Harding named William Taft the chief justice of the Untied States. This was Taft s post that he always wanted, and probably the last 10 years of his life was the happiest. As a judge he was conservative. He opposed the government control business and objected particularly to laws given to special treatment to labor unions. Due to failing

health in 1930, Taft retired. On March 8, 1930, William Taft died in Washington, D.C. at the age of 72.