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kidding, bout ?–). They are there to represent the dialogue of Huck. I have edited it many times to be sure ALL the errors now in the paper are intentional! I have sat through my spell check alerting me that almost every word was spelled wrong just to eliminate unintentional errors. The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn II In the novel The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn the setting has a large influence on Huck?s character. The period of time that Huck lived in was a distinct era. The country was changing rapidly. During this period steam engines enabled rivers to be used as mass transportation, an idea that had never been explored until now. Waterways were the first way in which large amounts of goods could be transported efficiently. This drastically changed much of the nation?s

economy. Huge factories were built in the north and southern plantations tripled their production by using machines. There were many traits of this era that can be seen by looking at the components of Huck?s character, his language, actions and thoughts. Some of these traits are sutle and can be easily missed but others are very obvious and powerful. This period of change was the setting of Huck?s childhood. One trait that is indicative of the era is the social class of Huck and Huck?s language. It is greatly affected by his social class and setting. The broken English is a sign of Huck?s low social class. In addition it also shows that he is from a southern river town. This can be seen from his expressions and accent. The language of the novel also assists the reader to get into

the laid back, southern mood of the book. By doing so the story is brought to life. It seems as if someone were to bring you back to the time when the novel and the events in it occurred. Because of the rules of the time that Huck?s character is governed upon, Huck was never educated. During the early 1800s there was no law that required children to go to school, therefore his low intellect has a strong impact on Huck?s character. It gives him a ?plain and simple? outlook on life, this trait can been seen throughout the book in Huck?s character. One specific area it affects is Huck?s plans for his future. Huck only thought about what he was going to do for present. Huck had an incapable father. He was thought of as the town drunk, and would often come home intoxicated and abuse

Huck. At one point his father locked Huck up in a small room without food or water for days. The setting is important here because if Huck?s father were to treat his son in an abusive manner today, he would lose custody of his child. A good example of Huck?s unloving relationship was Huck?s reaction to his father?s death. When notified of his death he was relieved and felt safe! This detail can be used to illustrate the abuse that Huck went through in the beginning of the book, while living with his father. Because of Huck?s father?s irresponsible actions, Huck ran away at a young age in the hope that someday he would find freedom from his father and society. By running away Huck saved himself from abuse and being taken advantage of. One of the things Huck saved himself from was

having 6,000 dollars, that Huck was awarded for the capture of two criminals in Tom Sawyer, being stolen from him by his father. Huck?s separation from his father is also the reason for his free thinking, responsibility and innocence. These times of hardship formed him into a mature person and helped contribute to his independent personality. Without the influence of the setting Huck would have never been able to achieve the freedom that he had by being independent. When Huck ran away he joined up with Jim, who was also running away, but from something different. Jim was fleeing from slavery, a common practice of the time. Huck?s relationship with Jim contributed to Huck?s non-prejudice thinking. Another factor that gave Huck a understanding of how the slaves must have felt was

the prejudice that he experienced himself , being part of the lower class. Huck was infuriated when people looked down upon him for something that was no fault of his, he was born into the class because of his father?s social status. For these reasons Huck always treated Jim as an equal, making Huck ahead of his time. Jim knew that Huck respected him, as a result Jim risked his own life to save Huck. Huck?s independence and lack of education resulted in a mind that was never influenced by adult?s beliefs. This allowed Huck to have thoughts based on what he believed in, not traditions that are simply carried on by messengers of the past?s beliefs. Although traditions are often good they prevent new ideas from entering people?s minds. This made Huck original, this individuality