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In the meantime Sam was invited to spend two days with the Langdon family. Everyone was happy to see him. For two days he tried to lure Olivia towards engag?in her in some personal conversation (186 Eaton). Within a short period of time Sam had convinced Olivia into marry?in him (187). February 2, 1870 was the day that Sam finally got married, well I can say it was bout time! He did not want to separate the Langdon family so Sam decided to move nearby to Olivia?s home town, Elmira, so Sam and his new wife moved to Buffalo, New York (190). Almost as soon as the couple moved in they experienced themselves some problems. Olivia?s father passed away leav?in her grief stricken. Olivia got herself into a state of depression, mak?in her weak and confined her to her bed. In November the

couple had a premature baby boy named Langdon. But instead of bring?in the family joy it worsened them. Because the baby was born early it was weak and sickly, not to good. How could a man possibly concentrate in such a mess? Well he simply could?nt! Sam noticed that ever since they moved to Buffalo his wife and himself were not the happy people they used to be (192). So when Sam received the invitation to spend the summer at Quarry Farm from Mrs. Crane there was no doubt in his mind to accept. Mrs. Crane was the sister of Olivia?s mama. She lived on a farm that had huge views of roll?in green hills which helped to inspire Sam an his write?in (186 Paine). By the end of the summer, Sam had finished his book, Roughing It. It was bout his adventures out in the western territory. At

the summer?s end the family chose on mov?in to Hartford, Connecticut, a thriv?in city that was filled with literary publishers and clubs of that sort (Paine 189). 1872 was a year of change for Sam and his family. In March his second child was born Susy Clemens. But three months later Langdon died of a heavy cold (198). Later that year Sam?s adventures spanned to England, his mission was to collect information bout their customs for a new book that he planned to start. He returned in November that same year. His plans changed, Sam abandoned his idea and started a new fiction book called The Gilded Age. It was well known and loved by many people, jus like all of his other write?ins of course. Lov?in England so much, Sam returned there with his family. He stayed himself there for a

complete two years. Dur?in this time he had met with many famous authors and lectured all over England (199). On his arrival home Sam started write?in Tom Sawyer. It was bout his child hood :grow?in up on the Mississippi. It was to be one of his most famous books (200). I guess he must ?av been feel?in mighty high spirited cause Sam continued on write?in. He wrote Sketches New and Old which would have been a tremendous seller if it were by any other author, but for Sam it was a relatively ?small potatoes? (209). Sam?s next big accomplishment was The Prince and the Pauper , his first play. The story was bout Henry VIII. Sam got the idea after read?in The Prince and the Page, a well known story (219). By now Sam had himself three children Susy, Clara and Jean (Howard 157). It was

at this time when Sam decided to write The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (Eaton 217). Now Sam wrote many a books but this was by far the most excellent thing that was ever written, and I can?t help lik?in the name of it! It sold like a madman, bring?in Sam tons of letters and comments bout his novel. After write?in many famous books Sam did someth?in he had been long?in for. Sam returned to the Mississippi. There he met up with some ole friends and saw ole sites. For a moment Sam was liv?in his child hood. Everybody he knew had read all of his books and the all the people decorated their town for Sam?s return. As Sam stepped off the boat he said ?Has Missouri changed the date of the 4th of July?? (Howard 166). The next day Sam was invited to attend the christen?in of a new steam

boat. The champagne bottle cracked and the wooden planks that held it in place slipped off the ship reveal?in the name ?MARK TWAIN? (168). Years later Sam laid in his bed. He was now an old man with only Clara left. His whole family had died. He sat in bed remember?in how he had seen Halley?s comet when he was little. Now 77 years later Sam saw the comet again on the night of April 21, 1910. This was one of the lasts things he saw. Cause that night Sam passed into a long sleep that still has yet to end (173). I went on bein? a sheriff in Montana. But this story ain?t bout myself, it?s bout my friend Sam. -Tom Blankenship a.k.a.: Huckleberry Finn Note: This paper was written in a dialect used by Huck. There are many spelling and grammatical errors but all are intessional (just