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was write?in for (Paine 137). When Sam got there he found the city filled wit beautiful flowers and roll?in green hills. Sam found the location perfect for his write?in. He was relaxed here and could concentrate (Eaton 143). Sam?s job was to venture out into the city?s night life. It was filled with shows and entertainment! Sam?s job was to report and critique the shows he attended, he loved it at first but soon got sick of all the lights and glamour (145). But Sam kept at it. He had one reason for wak?in up every day. You see Sam joined a literary group, it was his moment of sunshine dur?in an otherwise dismal day (146). But Sam could barely take the his monotonous job for another day, he was bout to quit when BOOM. Now I have never been to the West myself but Sam told me out

there they have these happen?ins they call earthquakes. It must be strange to be in one. Everything shakes and whole build?ins can fall down! Anyways for Sam this earthquake brought bout much to write about. For many days he made reports bout what happened to people and their homes and things of the sort. But eventually California got themselves some carpenters to fix everyth?in and that was the end of that topic (146). So I reckon you believe how happy Sam was when he got word from Joe Goodman to rejoin the Enterprise. Sam would act as their Western reporter and would free to write bout what ever he chose (147). Well every thing was go?in fine until Sam?s friend and roommate Steve Gillis almost killed a barkeeper! He was put in jail for attempted murder. So be?in the kind that

Sam was, he posted his friend?s bail. Well the word got out that this barkeeper was friends with the Sheriff. This meant that Steve had no chance of gett?in a fair trial. So like any man would, Steve fled to Virginia. Well when he did?nt show up in court they went after Sam?s bail money. But no worry, cause Sam got word of it before they found him. Steve?s brother Jim came to town and told Sam that he could stay with him in his cabin in the Tuollumne hills (148). Jim was what was called a ?pocket miner?. These people were miners that would look for gold in abandoned mines. So Sam learned the trade of pocket min?in. They roamed area which is now Yosemite park scout?in for gold. Sam did this for weeks mak?in enough to survive (149). Eventually Sam?s short attention span caught up

with him. Like every thing else Sam got sick of min?in and be?in so far away from, well, everything! So he set down his pails and headed back to San Fransico (150). Upon his return Sam was contracted by the Sacremento Union to write some stories bout the Hawaiian group. Well within moments Sam had himself on a boat to the islands. He would often refer to his time on the islands as one of the best in his whole, ttire life, a ?golden memory? as he put so himself . Sam was in his 30s, his prime and was filled with adventure and energy. He traveled all over the island and sent back detailed reports (Paine 148). California and Sam himself were both amazed with the write?in that Mark Twain was creat?in. Sam wanted to refine his skills and better himself. His first step toward his goal

was to return to California (150). Sam begun to give lectures, at the start of it they were refined to San Fransisco and then to the state. The results were amazing. I don?t think I have ever seen so many of people in one room before! Well cause of these results Sam ventured out to many big cities of the country. Now if you were to pick one place where the most people were would come to see Sam?s lectures were would you go? New York, New York of course (160). The lectures that Sam gave in New York were probably what kicked off his pathway to national fame (162). Dur?in his travels Sam met a man named Charles Langdon. They became good friends. Sam spent Christmas in New York with Charles. It is here where he met Olivia Langdon (Eaton 178). It was love at first sight, I must say

she was a mighty fine woman, she was! The two stared at each other through out dinner at the Langdon?s house. Olivia found Sam the most interest?in person she had ever met (179). They saw each other again on New Year?s Day and became even more friendly with each other, even more than prior (182). Duty called Sam to Washington, where he would give two speeches. At this point Sam?s life took a turn. He realized that he was not meant to be a reporter but an author (183). He started write?in quickly, his goal was to finish a manuscript as soon as possible (184). The result was The Innocent Abroad Sam?s first novel. The story told of Sam?s trip on the Quaker , a large sailboat, with six other men. He was on the ship to tour Europe and lecture in the some of the big cities (163 Paine).