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man, now 21 years of age, had been star?in at him for hours. When Horace?s shift was over he left the pilot house. As soon as he opened that door Sam was in his face ask?in questions bout his job and how liked it. Their conversations and friendliness kept for the rest of the trip. But at the end Sam left it jus like all the other passengers. Sam noticed an ol?e dock hand lean?in up against a pole. Sam was down right puzzled when the man laughed at Sam?s question. He replied ?There have never been no steamers sail?in to the Amazon round here!? It was then and there when Sam realized that the Mississippi was his river and that pilot?in it had been his biggest dream. So Sam went search?in for Bixby and found em too. He asked him if he could be a cub on the boat and Bixby had no

problem with it cause Sam had been so friendly and all. So Sam worked the river for four years and ventually became himself a cap?tn (Howard 122). Word got around that Sam was one of the best cap?tns on that river. Mr. Bixby was proud and Sam loved that river more than life it?self and planed to spend it on the Mississippi (133). I?m sure he woulda done it till he was able to but someth?in came up. One night there was a horrible accident. There was a ship who?s had them selves a boiler explosion. Henry was on that boat and went to swim to a nearby shore. But Henry heard scream?in and went back to save people. He never made it and drowned. This was not the only thing that made Sam depressed these days (Paine 91). Unfortunately when Sam turned 26 years of age boats were halted

go?in up and down the river cause of the war. Ya see the Yankees has been on us bout how slaves are immoral and all, and them plantation owners would?n got no notes if it warn?t for their niggers (133). So as anyone coulda guessed the country broke out into an all out brawl over the matter. Course this meant dat any man worthy of any respect at all was go?in to fight for em selves and their good ol?e south, so for a short period of time he did but Sam thought that slavery was wrong. He felt for it so strong that he woulda joined emself en the Yank?s side but he would be fightin his friends and neighbors (Howard 134). By this time Orion?s print?in business had failed. But Orion?s second cousin was a rich boy. He was able to fix up Orion with a proper job. Nevada was a new

territory and it needed itself a Territorial Secretary. This job was much like be?in a governor and was considered a real honor. There was one problem left to resolve. It would take Orion all of one-hundred and fifty dollars. Well that was no problem that Sam could?nt solve cause he had himself three-hundred dollars right in his own pocket. Now if I am do?in my math proper this would mean that two people would have themselves a ticket to Nevada. Well I must to done it right cause they did jus? that. Sam?s plan to make money would be to mine silver (135). Well Sam?s luck at min?in was not very prosper. He barely made enough to survive the winter. But although times were tough he was always able to make his colleagues and himself laugh dur?in the worst of times. Dur?in this period

Sam would write humorous letters to Orion. Well Orion knew of his li?l brothers problems. In an attempt to help him he showed Sam?s letters to the local paper. The owner of the Territorial Enterprise found exactly what he wanted (137). It was August when Sam started writ?in for the paper. But prior to writ?in a stitch Sam wanted to create a name for himself that would stick. He thought long and hard, think?in how great life used to be on the Mississippi. Suddenly his eyes took on a glare and his face was perplexed. He had a big smile on his face and through his smil?in mouth came the words ?Mark Twain?. It was a river term that told the cap?tn how deep the water was (15). Well Sam though he had good ideas bout write?in so he set off to be a free lance writer. To make money in

between he mined for gold. One day while sitt?in on a rock next to the mountain side he heard some men talk?in of frog races. This took Sam?s mind to the past, his uncle use to have a pet frog. So he started write?in what came to mind and before he coulda known it himself he had a completed story in front of his eyes (142). Sam sent his story to a local newspaper. Well The Bullfrog Of Calaveras County was the talk of the town! Before he known it himself Sam stories were be?in published all over the country (143). I reckon it was late May of 1864 when Sam left for the West coast. Twain?s reason for leav?in Nevada for California was because of a duel. The duel was really somewhat of a publicity stunt. It was arranged in between Sam and a rival paper to the Call, the paper that Sam