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(Howard 5). Orion was eight years older too. Then there was Benjamin, never got to know him well cause he died at only ten and there was the little brother, Henry (Paine 16). Anyways, our schoolin continued, dull as ever. Well before we known it we had ourselves out that school. So Sam was not really sure bout what he wanted to do with em?self, so to make some money he followed his brother, Orion (Encarta). Ya see Orion had ju?s bought himself a local printin press. The only article prior to the Hannible Press was the Courier so now Hannible had itself two papers (Howard 115). Now durin this time Sam had been workin for a Mr. Ament, another local printer, for round two years. So Sam worked under his older brother bein the printer for the paper (115). Well it was most unfortunate

that they seems to be carryin some bad luck on their shoulders from the beginn?in. The press caught on fire, it was only a small one but them fire fighters did?nt help the problem much when they doused the water all over the equipment. Anyways that there was the least of their problems. Back around that time an epidemic struck the Mississippi. Cholera struck hard and devastated many of people. Now cause people could?nt work they had to make trades for goods, and barterin did?t do much good for Sam and Orion (117). But they were no quitters, they stuck to it and Sam started gettin bored of write?in the same ol?e things so he turned a little creative. Sam bein born funny, started slippin jokes in the paper and made up names to call himself (119). Well Orion wanted a proper, ol?e

fashioned kinda paper. This caused for some quarrel?in in between the two and I reckon Sam could?n stand for it no longer, so he grab himself his belongings and left for St. Louis to visit his sister Elizabeth and find himself a job. He did?t plan on stay?in there for long though. Sam only wanted to make enough money to go to New York (Paine 52). Well Sam?s plans did not exactly go as he reckoned they would. He had many print?in jobs cross the whole country. Dur?in this time Sam met a fella named Burruogh. He was in to literature and was a well read man. He had quite the influence on Sam and turned him on to read?in. Eventually, Sam returned back in St. Louis and worked for the Evening News. Well by this time it was spring and Orion got himself a wife and moved to Iowa. Sam came

to visit his brother in Iowa and found Henry, his younger brother, now 17, there too. Well life was like ol?e times for a while. The three brothers lived together in Orion?s house. This is the period of time when Sam was turned on to music. It happened after a music teacher, who lived on the floor below, was flat out sick and tired of be?in the focus of Sam?s noise and pranks that they would play on him. He would come upstairs to reprimand them. Sam would usually reply with one of his regular wise cracks but one day Sam tried som?in a bit out the ordinary. In an attempt to be funny he was overly polite to the teacher. To his surprise, the man was nice back and before you could blink your own eye Sam was a musician (60). He was bout 20 years of age now and was quite the ladie?s

man. But don?t think for a second that Sam was close to a gentleman. The ladie?s along with everybody else liked Sam for his outgo?in personality. Although he was a partier dur?in the sun?s hours at night you could predict that the only place he would be found was in his bed, propped up by a pillow, smok?in his pipe and read?in a book (61). Life was good for the boys and not a day passed without a laugh. Unfortunately good things can only last so long. Orion?s paper was not mak?in him enough to cover his expenses. After much struggl?in he wrote home in distraught to his mama, who was now liv?in with Pamela. The note told of an adventure that Orion would go on in the Amazon (62). His interest was sparked after read?in a book by Lynch and Henderson. The book told of the riches that

could be found there in the mines of the rain forest. Now if you have?nt gotten the idea that Sam was the adventurous type, you have?nt been listen?in proper, cause thats what he lived for! If you think that Sam would miss a chance to not only ride on a steam boat to South America but also go on an adventure in the Amazon you are beyond fix?in (64). Anyway it took him round a year to raise enough money to go to the Amazon but he finally had it and set forth on the Paul Jones down the Mississippi to New Orleans. Sam reckoned the voyage would take bout a week of time but his foresee?in was more than just a bit off (70). Horace Bixby was cap?tn of the boat. I reckon his day started off jus as any other, that is until he met Sam of course. It all happened when Horace spotted that a