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cities. We grew closer with each passing day. However, one day I fell ill. Jonathon came to my assistance to nurse me back to health. Day after day came and went, and I was simply not getting any better. The doctors finally told me I was not going to get any better. Jonathon was there for me every step of the way he stayed by my side as I continued with my illness. Jonathon and I were as close as we had ever been. I begged him to marry me, I could see no better way to end such a loving relationship, but he refused. I begged and I begged, but he would not give in. I simply could not understand why we could not seal our love in God’s eyes and finish out my life in total happiness. Yet, he remained stubborn. I never understood him. Why could he not just marry me? Why could he not

just let me be happy? Did I not change my entire life and way of being just to be with him in Ireland? The least he could have done was marry me. Why did he have to call me Stella? What an ugly name, who wants to be called Stella anyway? I always hated that name. Why did he have to be so stubborn? Here I am lying on my deathbed, and he still refused to grant me my last wish. Why? As my days grew fewer, my frustration with Jonathon grew. My last few days were not only immensely painful physically, but also mentally, as I had to deal with the betrayal of my one and only true love. On January 28, 1728, my long and painful fight came to an end, as I was finally able to rest in peace.