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with his wife Helen Wismer in Connecticut. She was a devoted nurse. This helped Thurber maintain his writing career. Thurber?s work as also helped the medical community. His 1947 story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was taken in by psychologist and ?Walter Mitty Syndrome? was put in the British medical Journal as a clinical condition. Thurber?s blindness gave him a great insight into the fantasy world. He has been said to go one place without actually being there. Thurber?s prime interest was in small events of human life, dealing with frustrations of the modern world. His stories have influenced many writers and people. He is said to be the greatest American Humorist since Mark Twain. Lesser Besides being a famous writer, Thurber was a highly respected cartoonist as well. His

sketches were a regular feature in The New Yorker. Some of Thurber?s works are: The Owl in the Attic and Other Perplexities (1931), The Seal in the Bedroom(1932), My Life and Hard Times(1933), The Middle Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze(1935), Let Your Mind Alone(1937), and many more wonderful books. Thurber was a highly respected man with a great sense of humor. He died of pneumonia on November 2, 1961, in New York.