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the reader is forced to see and think through the eyes and ears of a yo0ung genius, Ender Wiggin. In Lucas’ trilogy, Star Wars, he use such characters as extra-terrestrials to make the audience think of and respond to normally taboo subjects (such as ethnic tolerance and ethnocentricity). This type of forcefully opinionated writing is what makes James Baldwin’s works so hard to put down. This style of writing also caused some critics to accuse Baldwin of advocating hatred of all whites. This is not true. If one were to read Blues for Mr. Charlie they would see Baldwin’s expression of hope for racial integration. While African-American anger is definitely a part of Blues for Mr. Charlie, in other works Baldwin wrote of integration as a loving means through which we would

force our “brothers” to love one another. In this, and so many more thought provoking philosophies, James Arthur Baldwin captured the hearts and minds of millions. Works Cited Hatch, James V. Black Theatre USA: Plays by African Americans, 1847 to Today, Revised and Expanded Edition. New York: The Free Press, 1974, 1996. “Justice at Last in Mississippi.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, (February 10, 1994): B, 6:1. Metzger, Linda. Black Writers. Detroit: Gale Research, Inc., 1989. Nossiter, Adam. ” Civil Rights Slaying Raises Speedy-Trial Issue.” New York Times, (May 27, 1994): B, 18:1. Oliver, Clinton F. Contemporary Black Drama. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons., 1971. Pratt, Louis H. James Baldwin. Boston: G.K. Hall & Company, 1978. Woll, Allen. Dictionary of the

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