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devoted circle of followers. One hostile biographer admits that Epicurus even provided rations to his followers when Athens was besieged, demonstrating his doctrines about friendship through actual practice and not just through mere rhetoric. The true spirit of the Garden can also be judged by an inscription on the gate that greeted those entering it: Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure. The caretaker of that abode, a kindly host, will be ready for you; he will welcome you with bread, and serve you water also in abundance, with these words: “Have you not been well entertained? This garden does not whet your appetite; but quenches it.” The literary output of Epicurus and his closest associates was quite extensive, with at least 42

different works of Epicurus being widely circulated (including the monumental On Nature in 37 books, of which only a few fragments have survived) along witH22 books of Metrodorus and 4 books of Polyaenus. Epicurus’s original writings were said to fill 300 rolls, unmatched any other philosopher of ancient times. Epicurus died in 270 B.C. of a painful urinary blockage and an associated dysentery infection. In the last few hours of his life he wrote a moving Letter to Idomeneus where he rates the pleasures of the remembrance of his friendship with him ahead of the pains he was suffering. He met his end when he entered a bronze bath of lukewarm water and asked for some wine, which he swallowed and then with his last breath urged his followers to remember his doctrines: “Farewell

my friends, the truths I taught hold fast.”