The Life Of Ben Franklin Essay Research

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The Life Of Ben Franklin Essay, Research Paper Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706. His father Josiah Franklin was a soap maker and wanted little Ben to follow in his footsteps by the time he was of age. Abiah Franklin his mother stayed home and took care of Ben’s 9 other siblings. Ben as a young child never had any formal education except for to years of school, he taught himself whatever he could find. His first invention was at the age of ten, he loved to swim and figured maybe he could swim faster with some paddles, so he made to round paddles with thumb holes and leather straps, but he found that they were to heavy and did not make him a faster swimmer. When Ben was twelve years old he wanted to be a printer, so he asked his brother, Joseph, for a job. His

brother made him sign a contract that stated that Ben would become his indentured servant. In other words Ben was to work for his brother, and if he ran away his brother could punish him severely. So Ben came to work for his brother from 1718 to 1723, when he then ran away and sailed to Philadelphia looking for another job as a printer. There he met the governor of Pennsylvania, Sir William Keith, who promised Ben that he would pay for all the printing equipment and his passage to London, England. In 1728 at 20 years old, he started his printing business with a partner, and later borrowed money and bought his partners share so that he was the sole owner. On September 1, 1730 he married Deborah Read, they had a son who died at age four and a daughter named Sarah that out lived

them all. In 1732 he started to publish Poor Richard’s Almanac, an almanac is a guide it tells when certain events are going to happen, and thing like when to plant crops. It was one of his most successful publishing’s, and lasted until 1757. In 1752 Benjamin Franklin conducted the famous kite experiment with his son William Franklin. This is probably what Ben Franklin is best known for, and is depicted in many pictures of this event, but most of the pictures aren’t accurate. Some pictures have Ben standing next to his what looks like a ten year old William, but William was actually in his late teens. Some pictures show them holding the string with a key attatched to it as a bolt of lighting strikes the kite. This is not what actually happened. The truth is that Ben and his

son where inside of a shed holding a piece of silk, which was a great insulator for electricity, this piece of silk was tied to the string which was tied to the key, and the string connected to the kite, which had another piece of silk at the end except since the piece of silk was wet it conducted electricity. That is the truth about how Ben Franklin “discovered” electricity. In 1762 Ben Franklin invented the armonica a musical instrument, it consisted of about 37 glass discs which would turn using a foot peddle, as the glass discs turned the operator would put their finger on a certain disc to play the desired note. In 1757 Ben went to London and served as a Colonial Agent for the 13 colonies but failed to prevent a revolution. He left in 1775 When Ben returned home he found

he was to late, his wife Deborah had died from a stroke. Later he was elected to the Continental Committee and a long diplomatic mission to Canada kept him busy. In 1776 Ben Franklin was one of three men selected to write the Declaration of Independence, that stated the creation of a new nation. The Declaration of Independence was actually written by Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin only made minor changes to it, making some of the sentences sharper. The only problem was that a new nation would require money and friends in high places, so it was decided that Benjamin was to go to France. On October 27, 1776 Franklin set sail for France on a ship named the Reprisal. With him he brought his two grandsons- William Franklin Jr. and Benjamin Franklin Bache-Sally’s child. Back then it