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doomed and tortured soul. Scorned by an uncaring and pouring out his heart in spasms of unrequited love. And his work has likewise done much to shape the common view of poetry as sensuous images expressed in rhapsodic language that, to quote his own lines on the nightingale?s song,?oft-times hath/ charmed magic casements, opening on the foam/ Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn.? The best of his poems, of course, transcend such stereotypes. Gorgeous as their music may be, they do not traffic in pretty escapist fantasies, but instead confront some of life?s most complex problems and situations, with a constant awareness of irreducible sadness that lies at the heart of human experience. My opinion I learned more of john Keats that I ever knew about him. I learned what he went

threw just to become a poet and what hardships he went threw just to get there. And all of the sacrifices he made just to become known as one of the best British writers that anyone has ever lived so I end by saying that john keats in my opinion is one of the best poet?s that I have read so far. And I give him credit for all of the hard work and inspiration that he has put into peoples lives all over the world and if they have not read a peace of work by john then you should go out and read some.