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565-571). Paganini was a master entertainer. He prided himself on his astounding technical ability, and every piece he performed was written by himself to ensure that he showed off his dazzling agility. During one concert, he broke a vital string during a difficult passage and continued to successfully complete it. He never forgot how this awed the audience. As a result, he would play his violin using a few worn out strings in hopes that it would break so that he could show off (Milton Cross? 565-571). As stated previously, Paganini wrote most of his music to show off his technical ability. His 24 Caprices for solo violin have defeated legions of violinists today. These and the Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin by J.S. Bach represent the very spirit and ideal

technical and tonal ability of violin playing today. The Caprices were written after Paganini found a set of caprices written by Pietro Locatteli. These newly discovered caprices opened Paganini?s mind to completely new areas of composition and playing (Mermelstein 5-6). During their time the 24 Caprices and other Paganini works such as his three violin concertos caused quite a stir. Lizst, a composer of that era, worked even harder to promote muscular agility after hearing Paganini. Chopin and Schumann wrote piano studies wrote piano accompaniments for the Caprices, as well as piano etudes modeled after them. Brahms and Rachminov wrote pieces that using variations of Paganini?s 24th Caprice (Mermelstein 5-6). Berlioz was quoted as saying ?Paganini is one of those artists of whom

it must be said : ?They are because they are and not before others were before them (Milton Cross? 565-571).?? Paganini was very serious about his composing. ? Composing is not as easy a task for me as you think.? he said. ?My great rule as an artist is to achieve unity in diversity, and that is very hard to achieve (Mermelstein, 1993).? Throughout his life, Paganini greatly impacted the music world both in the regions of technical ability and fresh new ideas of composition. Clearly Paganini has left a stamp on the musical world, and a legacy that every violinist struggles to attain. Bibliography ?Niccolo Paganini.? Milton Cross? Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music, Vol. II. 1996 ed. pp. 565-571. ?Niccolo Paganini.? Great Composers 1300-1900. 1966 ed. pp. 280-282.

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