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Emily did drift away from society, she still had some friends. One of her closest friends was Susan Gilbert, who later became Emily s sister-in-law when she married Emily s brother, Austin Dickinson. Emily had another friend in her adult life and that was Helen Hunt Jackson. Emily sent all the poems and other literature she had ever written to Helen (Wolff, 6). Helen Hunt Jackson tried to persuade Emily into publishing her works saying You are a great poet, and it is wrong to the day you live in, that you will not sing aloud. When you are what men call dead, you will be sorry that you were so stingy. (Bennett, 3)Emily s poems were the most amazing part about her life. Emily used a writing style that was new for the time and was very unique (Farr, 5). Emily wrote about four

things: love, death, pain, and the self. The most captivating and puzzling poems are those concerning death. Many people are interested with the fact that Emily wrote so extraordinarily about death. Dickinson grew obsessed with death and most of her friends departed. Nevertheless, she pressed on writing poems that would send chills up a reader’s spine (Wolff, 7).Emily s poems were eventually publicized, but only after her death. After the death of Emily Elizabeth Dickinson in 1888, her friend Helen Hunt Jackson gathered up all her works and published them in two separate books (Phillips, 8). Emily lived in a time where women were not supposed to have such a great writing talent as she did; therefore everything she achieved was well earned. Emily Dickinson was by far one of the

most influential female poets that this country, perhaps even this world, has ever seen. Her poems have moved many millions of Americans and other people of other races. Her hardships throughout her life were many, but she always had her poetry. Emily Dickinson was and is a person to admire and respect.