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even the greatest and most promising, as Shakespeare reveals in such plays as Antony & Cleopatra. More specifically, Shakespeare and his audiences were keenly aware of the prior century's prolonged bloodshed during the War of the Roses between the houses of Lancaster and York. Many Elizabethans, particularly the prosperous, feared the prospect of civil insurrection and the destruction of the commonwealth, whether as a result of an uprising from below or of usurpation at the top. Thus, whether or not we consider Shakespeare to have been a political conservative, his histories, tragedies and even his romances and comedies are slanted toward the restoration or maintenance of civil harmony and the status quo of legitimate rule. Conclusion To cut a long story short, William

Shakespeare was one of the greatest and famous writers. He was born in 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon. It was a small English town. His father wanted his son to be an educated person and Wil­liam was sent to the local grammar school. When the boy studied at school he had no free time. When he had a rest William liked to go to the forest and to the river Avon. At that time actors and actresses visit­ed Stratford-on-Avon. William liked to watch them. He was fond of their profes­sion and he decided to become an actor. He went to London. There he became an actor. He began to write plays too. Shakespeare was both an actor and a play­wright. In his works Shakespeare described important and dramatic events of life. His plays were staged in many theatres, trans­lated into

many languages and they made Shakespeare a very popular man. The most famous plays of the writer are "Othello", "King Lear", "Hamlet", "Romeo and Juliet". He produced thirty seven plays. He was connected with the best theatres of Eng­land during twenty five years. William Shakespeare wrote a lot of po­etry. His poems have been published in many languages. They are well-known among people. We don't know a lot of facts of Shakespeare's life. We can only guess what kind of man he was, that's why there are many legends about his life. William Shakespeare died in 1616. But his plays are popular now and millions of people admire them. Bibliography A new history of Great Britain. Edward W. Wagner, Edward J. Shultz. - Edinburgh, 2005.

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