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affecting his entire life. We should declare invalid the vows oflovers and should make love a legal impediment to marriage.”The AristocracyNietzsche loved his aristocratic anarchism, and had such a hate for democracy, that itconsumes nearly every bit of his philosophy. His ideal society was divided into three classes:producers (farmers, merchants, business men), officials (soldiers and government), andrulers. The latter would rule, but they would not officiate in government; the actualgovernment is a menial task. The rulers would be philosopher-statesmen rather than office-holders. Their power will rest on the control of credit and the army; but they would livemore like the proud-soldier than like the financier. Nietzsche believed that some people were inherently more important

than others; theirhappiness or unhappiness counted for more than the happiness of average people. Hedismissed John Stuart Mill as a “blockhead” for the presupposition that everyone was equal. He wrote about Mill:”I abhor the man’s vulgarity when he says “what is right for one man is right foranother. Such principals wild fain establish the whole of human traffic upon mutualservices, so every action would appear to be a cash payment for something done to us. Thehypothesis here is ignoble to the last degree; it is taken for granted that there is some sort ofequivalence in value between my actions and thine.”Nietzsche, as I said before, hated democracy, but he recognized Christianity as a greater risk. Perhaps this was because people are always more loyal to their god,

than their government. He felt that democracy began with Christianity: “…holy epileptics like saint Paul, who hadno honesty. The new testament is the gospel of a completely ignoble species of man. Christianity is the most fatal and seductive lie that ever existed.” So, before stripping peopleof their choice and equality, their God had to be taken first, then the government. “Consequently, the road to the superman must lie through aristocracy. Democracy — this manner for counting noses — must be eradicated before it is too late. The first stephere is the destruction of Christianity so far as all higher men are concerned.”ConclusionAs Will Durant stated Nietzsche’s faults so eloquently, “we can see him suffering at everyline, and we must love him even where we

question him,” I couldn’t agree more. I alwaysask the supremacist the question, “why do you support a supremacist government thatwould probably reject you into it’s lower class?” I have no doubt, that if Nietzsche lived inhis ideal society, he would have no honor, as he misses every requirement, being a sicklyman who was rejected from the army, and lacking the strength to compete with his own”superman.”——————————————————————————–