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(919). Mr. Shiftlet has so much guilt built up over Lucynell but he will not turn around. The boy replies, You go to the devil my old woman is a fleabag and yours is a skinking polecat! (919). The storm approaches and Mr. Shiftlet exclaims Oh Lord break forth and wash the slime from the earth. (919). And with his stump sticking out of the window, the rain beats down on his car, cleansing the earth of the evil. Attempting to wash Mr. Shiftlet off of the earth. One last symbol is the setting, which seems to be rather unimportant and desolate, but there is this amazing sun set that makes this place special. It really doesn t matter where you go, if you re in a large city or out in the country, there is still a sun set, symbolizing an opportunity to do good that will be found. We are

faced with these decisions and opportunities to do well, and we can choose to leave them or take them. We can choose to ignore the things that may symbolize an opportunity. ” He [Mr. Shiftlet] wished he lived in a desolate place like this where he could see the sun go down every evening like God made it to do.” (912-3). Basically there s a thin line between the roads to damnation and salvation. Each and everyone one of us has crossed that line at one time or another, the question is however, how long you remain on one side and are you doomed to your own destiny?