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the public. PCPFS has been fighting its ever-toughening crusade against laziness since the era of President Kennedy, who founded the Council (Van Dalen, p. 520-521). There are also many Internet websites (e.g.,, that provide easily accessible information to the public. Because of groups like ACE and PCFS, the awareness of the benefits to physical fitness are being broadcasted everywhere; it is just a matter of time until every American understands the value of being physically fit. When that time comes, experts say more people will exercise to achieve better health instead of just to improve appearance. Also, exercise will become a vital part of disease management. In the future, adventure workouts such as hiking and mountain climbing

will replace traditional treadmill and weight training workout. Sports specific training such as golf and tennis exercises will become more mainstream. It is also said that exercise programs geared towards older adults such as water-based fitness will increase in popularity (The Future of Fitness, par. 3-4, 6-7). Works Cited List 1. Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. Sports Medicine. Internet WWW page, at URL: 2. Garraty, John A. Popular Participation in Sports. Internet WWW page, at URL: 3. Green, Harvey. Fit for America. Pantheon Books: New York, 1986. 4. A Fitness Fad born 50 years ago. Internet WWW page, at URL: 5. The Future of Fitness. Internet WWW page, at URL: 6. Surgeon General Executive Summary. Historical Background and Evolution of Physical Activity Recommendations. Internet WWW page, at URL: 7. Surgeon General Executive Summary. Physical Activity and Health: Adolescents and Teens. Internet WWW. Page, at URL: 8. Surgeon General Executive Summary. Physical Activity and Health: Adults. Internet WWW page, at URL: 9. Van Dalen, Deobold B. A World History of Physical Education. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1971 342