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advocated by sophisticated analysts… simply does not work. It gets more of our people killed” (qtd. in Crowell 231). The military leaders learned the lesson of gradual escalation and applied it to Desert Storm. General Colin Powell said of Desert Storm, “When we launch it, we will make it decisive so we can get it over as quickly as possible and there is no question who won” (qtd. in Crowell 233). The military also learned that fighting Desert Storm would require more technology and nuclear power than was used in Vietnam. The United States has learned several military lessons from Vietnam. The article overall was powerful and enlightening. Crowell nicely supported his points with first-hand accounts from the media, military, and the public. Crowell used newspaper

clippings from the Boston Globe, Oakland Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times to emphasize his arguments with written proof. The quotations from General Colin Powell (Army), General Robin Olds (Air Force), and Jim Waide (Marines) showed the technological advances, and military strategies of the Vietnam conflict and Desert Storm. Crowell quoted some common people who lived through the war to show the publics opinion on the situation. The insertion of these quotations in the article makes it more motivating and informative. Crowell’s article overall is informative and effective. Crowell researched well, and it shows in his article via the quotes, descriptions, and main points made. His transitions between the Vietnam Conflict and Desert Storm are smooth and

efficient. His main point that the United States has learned from past military mistakes was well made and proven. In his article, “The Lessons and Ghosts of Vietnam” Lorenzo M. Crowell deems that the lessons the United States has learned in Vietnam are important to apply to future conflicts. Even though Crowell has some dubious issues that he omits in the article about what really happened in Desert Storm, his overall article is proficient. He clearly gets his point across that events of Vietnam should never be repeated and that the United States has learned its lesson. 454 Crowell, Lorenzo M. “The Lessons and Ghosts of Vietnam.” Looking Back on the Vietnam War, a 1990’s Perspective on the Decisions, Combat, and Legacies. Ed. William Head and Lawrence E. Grinter.

Westport, Connecticut, 1993. 229-240.