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the wheelbarrow in greater detail. The rain painted a picture of the wheelbarrow in the reader?s mind, the contrast of the white chickens colored-in that picture. The lesson in ?The Red Wheelbarrow? is to not overlook the smaller things in life. By focusing in on the wheelbarrow and including only the things that give greater detail to it, Williams is taking a quick sort of snapshot. By narrowing the reader’s vision he gives what is described a greater deal of clarity. I would compare it to the occasions when I went to the optometrist and he gave me a piece of plastic that had a very small hole in it. When I held the plastic to my eye and looked through it, I couldn?t see a lot through the hole but what I did see was absolutely clear, not blurry. This is what Williams is doing.

A whole picture exists but he is only allowing us to see a very small portion of it. The portion that we are allowed to see is very clear. The lesson that Williams is trying to teach through this poem is people should not have the tendency to assume that all poets speak in metaphor; sometimes the poem is not that complex. This is a warning to students not to read too much into a simple poem. Sometimes a wheelbarrow is simply a wheelbarrow. Perhaps a poem is like a car in that when it is taken apart to it?s basic components it no longer resembles the car. That?s the lesson?be careful how you interpret a poem. Trying to break a poem into it?s base components you end up with something that is entirely different from what the poet had in mind. - this was an “A” paper -tim 399