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violence would follow. With violence rates at such a drastic level, it is only logical to conclude that government regulation would useless. Those fighting to legalize drugs argue that addiction rates would not reach such extreme levels because “…most consumers will prefer lower-potency…products to the more powerful concoctions that have virtually monopolized the market under prohibition (Nadelmann 306).” Delegates for an end to drug prohibition also point out that past wide spread addiction – at the onset of drug prohibition – was caused primarily by ignorance, not a desire to get high. They feel drug consumers of today would be educated users, choosing a drug suitable for their desired effects. Seemingly, this argument by anti-prohibitionists can be used to argue

the case forprohibition, not against it. The legal system in the US is structured so that the views of citizens can be represented by certain elected officials; these elected officials then act in the interests of the majority of the people they represent So, since these elected officials are not fighting to repeal the 18th Amendment, it must be that the majority of people don’t want it repealed. Therefore, the people have made their choice about cocaine and other similarly potent drugs, they, in fact, have settled for the less potent drugs. In conclusion, it seems apparent that the risks of legalizing drugs certainly outweigh the benefits, in fact, each benefit has a substantial chance of failing. Until a universal plan can be devised – one that can appease

anti-prohibitionists as well as pro-prohibitionists – it is clear that drugs will continue to be illegal. While the majority of citizens view legalization as a bad thing, no laws will change; there simply won’t be enough support to back the effort to change them. The risk of a drug-addicted, violent, unsafe community strikes fear in everyone, it strikes enough fear to keep drugs illegal, that is the way it is going to stay. Nadelmann, Ethan a. Should we legalize drugs? YES. American Heritage vol 44, 1993Courtwright, David T. Should we legalize drugs? NO. American Heritage vol 44, 1993