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decision to change the Company’s timber harvest policies was made before the merger (p.210).” Changes of the Land by William Cronin and The Last Stand by David Harris had similarities and differences. Both emphasized on how redwood trees where being used; how the land went through physical changes that altered the ecosystem, and the affects these alterations had on humans and animals. A major difference between Harris and Cronin’s literature, was that the characters in The Last Stand where aware of the consequences that their acts would have on the ecosystem. In contrast the characters of Changes of the Land where not aware of the consequences due the concept of having a vast amount of land was new to them. In The Last Stand, environmental groups took actions agents those

who choose to miss use the land. Such groups where EPIC and Earth First. In contrast Cronon`s book did not show evidence of having any environmental groups. Both books did not take laws seriously, both found ways to get around them. In the end both colonists` and Hurwitz had a great deal of affect on the ecosystem, much of it could not be repaired. In The Last Stand the author David Harris illustrates the changes the environment went through after Hurwitz take over. Sustainable yield and Selective cut where two good policies for the “old” P.L, but as the company went through a management change these policies also changed, but not for the good of the environment. The Last Stand and Changes of the land have many similarities and differences, but in the end they both had

drastic affects on the environment.