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holding his own skin, or how he took the time to express the fear in Mary when she sees the wrath of her son. He’s just a great artist with the passion and desire to paint, he was so gifted and it’s just amazing how much he accomplished during his life and how much he did for the world of art and the science of art. I’ve learned so much from looking at the work of the great Michelangelo, he will always be remembered for his place in the world of art and for the wonderful paintings that he has done. And the one thing that I can say is that this, the Last Judgement is truly a masterpiece. Bibliography 1. Brigstocke, Hugh. The Dictionary of Art. Groves Dictionary inc. New York 2. Abrams, Harry. N. Michelangelo the Painter. New York 1964 3. Morrow, William. Reynal and Company.

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