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becomes apparent that there is some inherent vulnerability within the argument that could be similar to the criticism one might offer against Taylor s Respect For Nature Ethic. The land ethic argument under the Humean-Darwinian approach states that a community relationship has a moral judgment and a member of that community has a duty to cooperate. When broken down from the group, the simple fact the an individual is obligated to cooperate for survival takes away from the underlying argument of preservation on inherent worth. If the view of the community is to decide whether or not an individual, ecosystem, or environment is to be preserved based upon that above stated value to the community then we can attack the individual for following the opinion of what is best for the

community or whole rather that what is best for the individual, ecosystem or environment that is in question. If we apply this to answering whether or not the priority principles make this Land Ethic argument to weak of an environmental ethic, one would have to decide whether or not he or she believes that the community has the right to decide what preservation or destruction should be taken regarding our environment, thus allowing to conclude whether or not our individualistic views coincide with that of the majorities, or that of the minorities, or if by chance my view is one of an individual. However, it can be stated that Callicott s Land Ethic , like Tayor s Respect for Nature ethic is vulnerable to criticism based upon its priority principles.