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The Land Ethic Essay, Research Paper To answer the question, was Aldo Leopold right in saying we need to adopt a land ethic? First we need to identify what a land ethic is. A land ethic is using the land without abusing it. Meaning use as many and as much of the earth s resources as can be replaced, and that will do no harm to surrounding habitats because the organisms that live there are part of the land or ecosystem also. To do this kind of conservation at this extent after we have done virtually nothing for all of man s existence is unreasonable though. Also considering the kind of people that are in power backs up this idea. To adopt a land ethic similar to the one Leopold describes and consistently apply it decade after decade would mean demodernizing the world, and

people are too smart and too ignorant these days to give up all the modern day conveniences. In saying too smart, I mean they have to many good ideas that can land them some serious money or power, but they are too ignorant to realize that they are in a sense biting the hand that feeds them. The fact that our earth is in trouble is not obvious enough right now for these people to pay attention to. The ones who are in power and are being successful on their terms like it the way it is and to drastically change something would shake the mountain placing them closer to the bottom. So they would rather overlook this notion of a land ethic and pretend that everything is alright. The way we are using or should I say abusing the land at the present time displays a need for a land ethic.

Implanting one is a major problem, however, because economics are a higher priority than the land is, and until the land is in obvious distress or more laws are passed to protect the environment our priorities will remain the same. Leopold did a great job bringing these facts to our attention and suggesting what should be done. Now its up to some other great man or woman to lead us in doing so.