The Lady Next Door Essay Research Paper

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The Lady Next Door Essay, Research Paper The Lady Next Door A few years ago this lady who moved in to the neighborhood, just about wintertime and if you like cold weather, well you better get used to it. Now about that lady, she was real quiet kind of humble in her own way of core. Every one in the town was a bit dramatic toward her because of her life style. I look deeper than the bags under her eyes from the years of grief and sorrow and the way here cheeks were perfectly wrinkled and her skin soft but yet delicate to the touch. The clothes she had worn for as longer has can think of. I don?t know why she was set in her ways, but if that?s what she wanted to do it?s ok with me. On a chilly and snowy, but yet nice day I decided to go to her house to see if she needed any

assistance with the light, fluffy snow flakes that laid on her patio waiting to be shoveled off. So as I approached the door, it suddenly flung open as if someone or some thing tried to hit me. I dove out of the way only to see the old wrinkled body in a bathrobe. This sight to most would have made then run, and then a voice told me to stay, so I did. As I was brushing the powdery snow off me, this crackling mumble came out from the darkness of the house, but before I could say a word the rectangle shape piece of pine slammed in my face. I was shocked so I shoveled her patio, it was real rugged and had a real dull color to it, so I kept going and to my dismay it kept snowing, so I stopped shoveling. I thought someone had been watching me, I was probably just was getting scared

because it was going on nine. The air was starting to freeze when it left my mouth, but I worked into the dark and gloomy night. The snow began to get heavy and I grew weary, in need of a cup of steaming hot marshmallow filled coco. I started to walk home when out of the blue her pine door opened; she set a cup on the patio, the slipped back inside. I walked back to the patio and looked to see what it was. It?s like she had a crystal ball or she read my mind, but either way it looked good so I took a sip it was perfect not to hot but no cold. I finished the delicious cup of coco and went on my way. I got home and went straight to my gigantic, warm waterbed. The next morning I got up and went outside, It was like the angels sprinkled powdered sugar on the earth. It was beautiful.

Then I went and got the newspaper and checked the mail knowing there wasn?t going to be any, but checked any way. Their was a envelope in the back, I grabbed it, opened it up and there was 200$ in it. I ran to the old ladies house and there was a note on the door that said ?thank you for the hard work ?. It gave me a strange thought so pondered on the note and turn away in enjoyment then walked back to my house and shut the door. The next day she moved away so I never got to thank her for the generous pay. I never seen that nice old lady again. By BenNiebuhr