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that warmth is genuine, maybe she really does like me, wish me well. I can almost believe it.(433) a common gesture of warmth and affection such as a hug is too difficult for Elaine to understand. She cannot comprehend, nor can she believe that someone would want to hug her. For her entire life she was not able to accept affection for the simple reason that her parents never encouraed it during the most crucial years of her life. Because Elaine never experienced the warmth of family that she should have, her life was permanently damaged. Positive reinforcement, affection, and understanding are important because they provide a sense of confidence that all people require. To know that you are loved and to constantly be reminded of that love ignites feelings of happiness,

fullfillment, and importance. to feel special is a sentiment that all people, children especially, are intitled to. It is a parental responsibility to ensure that all areas of these feelings are constant rather than lacking, as was the case with Elaine Risley.