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unimpressed, hands it to LOWELL, he turns from others, telling story in aside like state) I remember my mom used to go out and find hives just so that she could whack them with her shovel.(LOWELL turns back to group) I thought everyone whacked hives with shovels? SRPUCE: Shovel, you don’t use a shovel, you use a pitchfork. (Pitchfork comes from offstage right, SPRUCE catches it) LOWELL: What do you mean! Pitchfork, are you nuts? Shovel! SPRUCE: Pitchfork! LOWELL: Shovel! (LOWELL and SPRUCE repeat several times. Spruce wins by pointing the pitchfork at LOWELL) LOWELL: Ok, ok, pitchfork.(LOWELL sits down with shovel across lap) LEON: Oh, enough of this. This tomfoolery has gone on long enough. (LEON pulls out pistol and aims at hive. Changes his mind and aims at person holding

hive offstage. LEON shoots, hive falls, sound of person offstage falling down dead) (after hive falls, ALL pull out their thingies. They fight valiantly while ‘flight of the bumblebee’ plays in the backround. Fight lasts for about 15-20 seconds. It appears hopeless) MENDEVOLIN: Run Away!!!!!! (everyone repeating ‘run away’ as they move upstage left) (when all arive, SPRUCE pulls out sandwhich from bag and begins to eat it) MENDEVOLIN: (astonished) Spruce, what are you doing? This is no time for a picnic. Put that away we need to come up with a strategy. LOWELL: (sniffing) Is that peanut butter and honey? SPRUCE: Yeah, want some? LOWELL: Sure, I’d love some, I haven’t eaten anything since we started this adventure. SPRUCE: We’ve only been adventuring together for an

hour and a half. DEREK: Wait a minute. That’s it! Give me that (grabbing sandwhich from LOWELL. LOWELL whimpers and “sits down”) I’ll be back in a sec. (DEREK move towards hive and places sandwhich near hive then retreats. Once bees have taken bait about 15 sec. DEREK moves back to hive and retrieves wax.) Got it! (looks over shoulder, bees chase ‘flight of the bumblebee’ plays again) (exit ALL stage left) ACT III SCENE III NARRATOR: Mendevolin and his party set forth for the twin volcanoes hidden deep within the diamond mountain range. With the candle now formed, our heroes are now ready to face the terrible evil that lies ahead. (enter ALL , MENDEVOLIN first, stage right. MENDEVOLIN noticing the candle stops suddenly, rest of the party runs him over. everyone falls

on MENDEVOLIN and candle breaks.) Well, almost ready. MENDEVOLIN: (realizing the candle is broken) Oh this is just perfect. Everything I have ever done, I have screwed up somehow.(MENDEVOLIN is in his own little world) I failed as a tailor, (enter EVIL MAGE stage left) I can’t cast magic worth a damn, (ALL but MENDEVOLIN see EVIL MAGE and creep away in fear) and now this! (gestures at broken candle and breaks down crying) EVIL MAGE: (approaches MENDEVOLIN, places hand on shoulder) There, there. It will all be over very soon. (EVIL MAGE licks fingers and puts out candle) There, was that really so bad. (EVIL MAGE laughter) THE END