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a second castle, and it sunk too. So we built a third castle, it was burned, pillaged and fell to the ground, and then it sunk into the swamp. So we built a fourth castle and it’s standing, it’s the strongest castle in all the lands. But father, I don’t want the castle, I want, I want…..No no no, there’ll be no singing while I’m still here, stop the music, stop it right now, I won’t……oh excuse me (sits on stairs stage right). (ALL are staring at LOWELL by the end of the speech) SPRUCE: No Leon, that was gibberish. DEREK: (DEREK comes down stairs stage left, walks towards group) Well, it’s there alright. Now all we have to do is find a way to get it past the flow of the water, any suggestions? MENDEVOLIN: Derek, my good friend, how did you know to look there?

DEREK: Easy, just take a look at the scroll MENDEVOLIN: (MENDEVOLIN looks at scroll again) Ok, perhaps it would help if I knew what I was looking for. DEREK: Not that side, turn it over. (MENDEVOLIN turns scroll over) See, there it is. LEON: Hmmmm, you would’ve thought that a powerful mage like yourself would have known to check both sides of a scroll. I’m just glad it wasn’t a spell scroll you were reading from, that would have certainly been disasterous. Though it wouldn’t surprise me to find out you’ve done it once or twice. (this catches MENDEVOLIN’s attention) LOWELL: (snaps to attention) Check for fine print, check for fine print! ALL: What!? LEON: For the love of god, somebody slap a muzzle on the boy! (MENDEVOLIN takes offence and marches angrily towards LEON.

LEON forces the scroll on SPRUCE who steps aside and looks at it. LEON takes a defensive stance) LOWELL: (aside) My god is bound to look favourably upon me! It seems everywhere I go, I cause chaos! They say they’re powerful mages, but they have no idea of the power that is weilded by the followers of chaos! If they start something, we’re really going to see a show. (LOWELL begins preparing for a battle) SPRUCE: Well, would ya’ look at this! Fine Print! ALL: Shut Up! SPRUCE: No, I’m serious. Listen: “If through the water your path does lay, just quote Fat Albert, say ‘Hey’, ‘Hey’, ‘Hey’” (As words are spoken, curtains open to reveal boat behind. ALL are unaware of what happened, adlibbing conversation about words) MENDEVOLIN: (turning around) That’s

Pardudious (everyone stops talking, turns around) Not very impressive is it? I’ve known orcs to ride around in better. DEREK: It may not look like much, but it’s powers are beyond your comprehension and my imagination. LEON: Beyond their comprehension maybe. Beyond mine, I beg to differ. Now, show me the way to the controls and I’ll have us out of here in no time. (ALL head towards ship except LOWELL who lingers for a moment) LOWELL: I just want everyone to know that I get airsick. ACT III SCENE I (enter ALL from stage left) MENDEVOLIN: Well, we’re here. DEREK: Short trip, you’d think that it’d be a lot harder to get to an Island that most people don’t even think exists. LEON: (checking his wrist hourglass) Yeah, we’ve only been travelling an hour. MENDEVOLIN:

Now, I have a few things here that my father told me would help us. I realize you may wonder of the usefulness of the items I am about to give you but I have confidence, my father would not have given them to me were they not going to be helpful. (MENDEVOLIN pulls forth the flyswatters from his sack) LOWELL: Wow! You’ve got some of those…..Thingies! LEON: What manner of insuperior weapon are those? I bet you couldn’t even kill a fly with them! MENDEVOLIN: Well….ummm….. LOWELL: You mean you never heard the legend? SPRUCE: Legend??? LOWELL: Yeah, the legend of the tailor that killed seven giants with one of these! (LOWELL then proceeds to sword fight with flyswatter. ALL stare at him)….sorry. (LOWELL sits down like before) SPRUCE: Well, if you can kill giants with one

of these things, you’ll have no problem killing a few little bees right? (murmurs of consent) MENDEVOLIN: Right then. Has everyone been armed with a……(looks at LOWELL) LOWELL: Thingy. MENDEVOLIN: Right! With a THINGY! (everyone awkwardly holds up flyswatters except for LOWELL and MENDEVOLIN)OK! To the Bees! ALL: TO THE BEES! (exit ALL stage right) ACT III SCENE II (enter ALL stage left) MENDEVOLIN: Where is the hive…’s supposed to be here. AHEM. I’m sure, it’s right around here somewhere.(hive pops out behind front curtain stage right on stick) thankyou. DEREK: Look, I see it, over there (points at hive) LOWELL: Hit it with your shovel Leon! LEON: My what? LOWELL: Your shovel. (shovel flies in from offstage right. LEON catches shovel and looks at it, and