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civilization. I bet the reason you’ve never been in this forest before is because you’ve never found anyone stupid enough to come with you before. Let’s go, my feet are starting to hurt. (crosses upstage left towards offstage) (enter LOWELL and DEREK stage left, running into LEON) LEON: Geez Spruce, it’s too bad you didn’t run into these two dunderheads before you dragged us into this forest, seems they would’ve been willing to come with you. LOWELL: Oh, excuse me. (LOWELL walks past LEON and continues walking towards stage right) DEREK: Lowell, where are you going? LOWELL: Well, we’ve got to find some other people to help us get out of……oh….. (approaches MENDEVOLIN, shakes his hand) my name is Lowell. DEREK: Don’t mind my friend, he’s a little (makes

crazy sign). My name is Derek Arcane, I’ve just recently found myself in these woods and I’m trying to make it back to civilization, if you could point us in the direction of the nearest town, it would be greatly appreciated. MENDEVOLIN: We are headed there ourselves in fact. You’re welcome to join us if you wish. My name is Mendevolin, this is Spruce (points) and this is Leon (points). We are presently searching for someone named Pardudious so that we may begin our journey towards the contusion islands. You wouldn’t happen to know where we might find him would you? The things my father gave me said that he may live behind a waterfall. DEREK: You mean find IT don’t you? ALL: IT? DEREK: Yes, Pardudious is a boat, a magical flying ship. LEON: (skepticism) A magic flying

ship? Why should we believe you? We’re on a quest involving some ultimate evil. Who’s to say you aren’t….one of his minions? (LEON draws his pistol and aims at DEREK) LOWELL: My friend is in trouble, oh lord of chaos, show us now the power of randomness, and cause the next shot from that boomstick to go awry and miss its intended target. Honour your humble servant’s plea. LOWELL: (aside) And on the off chance that the lord of chaos is unavailable for a small miracle, at this time I will proceed to beat both combantants senseless with whatever heavy, blunt objects that may be at hand, in your mercy. DEREK: (pulls out cross from under tunic) If I was a minion of evil, would I be wearing this? LEON: No, I suppose not. SPRUCE: C’mon Leon, put the gun away. We can’t be

fighting with each other, we have a ship to find and a mission to complete. LOWELL: Yeah, this’ll be cool! A flying ship, wow! We’ll be flying above everything, I’ll be able to see all my friends, and wave hi to th—- LEON: Just shut up will you? I want to get going before it’s already too late. LOWELL: Sorry, I’ll just be over here (walks away from group and sits down on stage, head down) MENDEVOLIN: Well if it can help us get to the Contusion Islands quickly, I’m all for it. We’re on a very tight timeline and every little bit will help. (turns to LEON) Now, in future Leon, you can take some of your own advice and keep your mouth shut unless you have something important to say. We have to work together. Everyone has the right to make suggestions, we just can’t

tell people to shut up all the time. You’re not the only one with ideas worth listening to. In fact, I’m not sure that you’ve had one good idea yet, and still you shoot down everyone else. Keep your ego under control and your mouth shut. LEON: (aside) I can’t wait for an opportunity to shoot you down…. LOWELL: (Jumps up) Wait a minute!…..I mean, ummm, excuse me. We can’t leave yet. LEON: (sighs) Why can’t we go now? LOWELL: We haven’t signed a contract yet. Does anyone have one? MENDEVOLIN: Yes, right here (pulls out contract, LOWELL and DEREK sign it) SPRUCE: Ok, well if everything’s in order, we can be on our way. (everyone leaves down the stairs stage left and out the side door except LEON. LEON lingers on stage, pulls out pistol, admires it and shoots

blank towards stage door.) NOTE: Mendevolin must leave last (before Leon) ACT II SCENE III (ALL enter stage right side door) MENDEVOLIN: Lives behind the waterfall, Lives behind the waterfall. That doesn’t even make sense anymore. SPRUCE: What’cha got? (Smile at MENDEVOLIN) MENDEVOLIN: Just something my father gave me before he passed away. He told me about this quest, said I should find Pardudious and gave me this (holds up scroll), what’s written can’t be accurate though. Since Pardudious is not a person, he can’t possibly live behind a waterfall. LEON: Let me see that. (MENDEVOLIN hands scroll LEON. LEON looks at it) Just looks like gibberish to me. LOWELL: People said that we were crazy to build a castle on a swamp, but we did, and it sunk into a swamp. So, we built