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and place it on the pedestal between the twin volcanoes.The contusion bees are incredibly small, but don’t doubt their deadliness for a second. They produce wax only once every 1000 years and the time for gathering the wax is at hand. I was hoping to do it myself, but (coughing fit)…..look in the chest (gestures towards chest at head of bed) take what is in there, it will help you in your journey. You must also find Leon of Sylvanus, his companion Spruce and Pardudious. MENDEVOLIN: (looking up from the chest holding the flyswatters) Who are those people and what are these…..thingies? (pause) Father? (pause, checks for life signs, finding none bows his head in solemnity closes his father’s eyes and turns to leave)(exit stage left) ACT I SCENE III NARRATOR: After leaving

his father’s side and notifying the High Priest of his father’s passing, Mendevolin set forth in search of the adventurers his father had spoken of. His first stop, The Tavern, because everyone knows that all good adventurers eventually go to The Tavern. (enter LEON and SPRUCE stage right, sit at table downstage right-center, they adlib conversation until the entrance of MENDEVOLIN stage right who approaches them) MENDEVOLIN: Excuse me sir, madam. I noticed you sitting here and I wondered if I could join you for a moment? LEON: Why certainly (motions towards empty chair) there’s always room for one more. Can I offer you a glass of wine? MENDEVOLIN: No thank-you, that’s quite alright. Actually, I’m presently embarking on an important journey, I’m afraid I don’t

really have time to drink right now. In fact, what I really was wondering, was if you may have any information that you would be willing to share with me in regards to either Leon of Sylvanus, Spruce of Elfheim or Pardudious whose title, I’m not familiar with. SPRUCE: Yeah, I’m Spruce (LEON shoots SPRUCE a menacing glare) and this is Leon LEON: (yelling) What are you thinking telling a perfect stranger asking for information on us that we are those whom he seeks!? Do you not know anything of the parels of an adventuring life!? (draws his pistol, points it at MENDEVOLIN’s head) Who knows what this man wants us for, he could be an assassain sent by either an enemy of your father’s or someone who wants my head! SPRUCE: (turning to MENDEVOLIN, faking whisper) There’s more

than a couple after his head, I’m sure. (snickers) MENDEVOLIN: (looking uncomfortable, appearing to chose his words carefully) I’m sure there can’t be that many people who want your head……(speeding up) and if there are I’m sorry to hear it. In any case, I’m not an assassain. LEON: Well then who are you, and what do you want with us? MENDEVOLIN: I am Mendevolin, a powerful wild mage. I have been entrusted with the task of renewing a millenia old spell used to repress the ultimate evil, Terresquay. My quest involves a journey to the Contusion Islands where I must procure the wax of the Contusion bees which is only produced every 1000 years. From that wax I must form a candle and place it on a pedestal in the diamond mountain range. SPRUCE: (aside to LEON) And you talk

about me giving away too much information. MEDEVOLIN: (looks at the pair then continues) My father, on his death bed, told me that you may be of some help, will you join me? LEON: A dangerous quest, involving Islands that only told of in legend, bees that are probably larger than I am, not to mention this ultimate evil thing. Why should I go with you, what am I going to get out of this? Look old man, I’m perfectly happy here, minding my own business and drinking my wine. MENDEVOLIN: (Stands) First of all, the bees are not larger than you, in fact, they’re not even as large as normal bees. Secondly, I have faith in my father, he wouldn’t have sent me on this quest if it couldn’t be completed. Therefore, the Contusion Islands must exist. Thirdly, you’re mistaken in

believing that this is a choice I’m presenting you with. You must come, if you’re not with me then the spell I’m trying to renew will fizzle and the world will be thrown into darkness and chaos. (LEON leans back comfortably in chair and places feet on table, folding hands behind head and glares at MENDEVOLIN) SPRUCE: Don’t me such a stick in the mud, it’s an adventure, we’re at The Tavern, don’t you know what comes next? First, we make friends with him. Then, we agree to join him, pay the barkeep, sign this (pulls out contract), and we go merrily on our way. MENDEVOLIN: Ok. Spruce, will you be my friend? SPRUCE: Yeah, will you be mine? MENDEVOLIN: Sure. Will you join me? SPRUCE: You bet! (snaps fingers, BARKEEP enters stage left, SPRUCE pays BARKEEP, exit BARKEEP