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avoid injustice. (4:3) Responsibility is a duty bestowed upon all followers of the Koran. The teachings set forth in this book must be followed strictly and stringently. God is given credit for mans’ intellect which is of great value and is emphasized: “by the pen taught men what he did not know.” (96) In the Koran, there is a methodology for everything even when receiving information from evildoers. The Koran says you should investigate into the truth of what this person claims, otherwise you may regret your actions in the end. (49:6) Disobedience also has it’s grave consequences. Not believing in what the Koran says will damn you. “Yet if you recite to them a single verse, the unbelievers will surely say; ‘You preach nothing but falsehoods.’ Thus God seals of

ignorant men.” (30:59) Among all responsibilities and requirements laid down in the Koran, I believe the most important aspect is that Allah and the Prophet, Muhammad, be a muslims first love and it is clear that this is so. There are many passages in surah 30 which support and convincingly convey that their must be a high level of love, honor and obedience for Allah and Muhammad the Prophet. The Koran for Muslims is a very important in integral part of their lives. It is their central reference point not only for religious and spiritual matters but for the ways to conduct life on a day to basis. Without this handbook for life, they would be lost. Bibliography 1. “The Koran” London England: The Penguin Group 1997