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The Kennedy Conspiracy Essay, Research Paper The Kennedy Conspiracy The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has posed, probably the greatest unsolved murder mystery of our time. Most Americans are very suspicious of the explanation that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the murder. The many questions surrounding the number of shots, the firing sequence, the shooter’s locations and the number of assassins have puzzled Americans over the last four decades. I believe that on November 22, 1963, John Kennedy was assassinated, as part of a plot against him, during a motorcade throughout the city of Dallas, Texas. It was more than the single bullet theory which is supported by the American government that killed the president. I believe that the United States government had

something to do with the murder. There is too much ignored evidence to not believe that some sort of a cover up has taken place over time. The single bullet theory, also known as the magical bullet theory was the explanation that the United States Government came up with in 1964 as part of the Warren Commission Report. The theory concludes that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president from the book depository across the street from the motorcade. The government wants the public to believe that this man, Oswald, fired three shots from his rifle. One bullet that was the fatal shot to Kennedy’s head, a second bullet that never struck Kennedy or Governor John Connally, who was in the front seat of the passenger side of the limo, and finally a third bullet which remains to account for

the seven wounds to Kennedy’s back and neck and to Connally’s back, ribs, right wrist and left thigh. I don’t think so! The best description of this scene was in the movie JFK, directed by Oliver Stone. Jim Garrison, New Orleans district attorney (played by Kevin Costner) explains: The magic bullet enters the presidents back headed downward at an angle of seventeen degrees, it then moves upward in order to leave Kennedy’s body from the front of his neck. Wound number two. Where it waits 1.6 seconds, presumably in midair, where it turns right, then left, right then left and continues into Connally’s body at the rear of his right armpit. Wound number three. The bullet then heads downward at an angle of twenty-seven degrees, shattering Connally’s fifth rib and exiting

from the right side of his chest. Wound number four. The bullet then turn right and reenters Connally’s body at his right wrist. Wound number five. shattering the radius bone, the bullet then exits Connally’s wrist, Wound number 6, makes a dramatic U-turn and buries itself into Connley’s left thigh. . ., That’s some bullet. It is impossible for one bullet to do that much damage to two different people. The scenario presented by District Attorney Garrison proved beyond reasonable doubt that there is no way possible that it was one bullet. So that brings up the next question; how many shots were really fired, and by whom? This question is best answered by a film that was taken by Abraham Zapruder, a Dallas native who filmed perhaps the most debated 5.6 seconds in United

States history. This film shot by Zapruder strongly contradicted the magic bullet theory in the Warren report. After watching this film several times in slow motion this is what I saw: The first shot did not hit Kennedy or Connally and might have hit a bystander named James Tague, who was shot in the cross fire. When this shot was fired, President Kennedy and Governor Connally stopped waving to the crowd and turned to their right. A second shot was then fired and on the film Kennedy is seen holding his throat. At this point the governor appeared not to be wounded and his hat was still in his right hand which is impossible if the right arm has an exit and entrance wound from the magic bullet. In the next frame of the film Connally does appear to be wounded. His right shoulder