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the biggest problem in the underclass is black America. It is a common stereotype that it is black America that faces this problem. The reality is that it isn’t just minorities its also is the white Americans. In order to do away with this problem the view point of the Progressive is the encouragement of racial diversity. Therefore creating tolerance for one another would reach the goal of a just society and get rid of this idea that its just the black or just the whites, or whomever it is that is placed under basic stereotypes. The other focus is that we must come together as a community and as a nation to help one another to better ourselves as a whole and not as individuals. Power to the people by uniting as a whole you do away with all these social problems. Once we do away

with underclass stereotype and see that it can be anybody in that situation. We can do away with all these problems. My point of view with what I have seen and heard is the following, when it all comes down to it, it is the individual whom decides what role he or she wants to play in our society, all means to become under class and even high class are there. This nation is truly the land of opportunity and gives the chance to any individual to obtain and achieve the American dream. I believe this because I have witnessed it with my own eyes I am the product of underclass that has been given the chance to be something in life. I have witnessed both urban and suburbia America. Private and public schools I have both been in. I have met a diversity of people and I have come to the

conclusion that no matter what government role should play in our lives it is doing it. Wether or not we notice it, its there government will always be there. The role it plays now is perfect. Our society seems to disagree but the truth is this, we live in country where we have the right to doing anything we want. You could even get away with murder, my point is this that no matter what side of the city you live and no matter how you live you still have the opportunity to do what you wish. American eyes, view the world through American eyes and you would see that the truth is that we live in a country that there are no limitations, just restrictions that protect us from ourselves. And still you will find that people do not realize that America is the only place in the world that

you can express your self and live a life that is not like any other even if you are on welfare, this a democracy were even he poor have a chance. The underclass can achieve a place in our society that gives them respect. In conclusion, the political parties that I have read about and comprehend what they are about is this that it is in the dollar sign that will make us who we want to be in this society and the only way we can achieve a true just society is to get rid of certain ideas that force us to think that money is what gives the right to live and right to die. When the true essence is that we were created equal, maybe not in the eyes of man but in the image of God. 328