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was saying. He starts to listen to the speaker closely and finding himself agreeing with him. The speaker talks about the men, woman, and children that where exploited and used by industries and how his party the socialist will make sure this doesn’t happen again and again in the future. He reaches out to the blue-collar workers who made this society and have no voice in this city and society where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Jurgis felt like he was renewed in life and once again he believed his dreams could be met. After the meeting he goes searching for the speaker who he talks to for a little then is given to the speaker’s friend Ostrinski they go to his house and tell each other about their lives. Ostrinski explains the beliefs and goals

of the socialist party to Jurgis very carefully he also learns about the Beef Trust and how it works in its corrupt ways and how the socialist party can stop them. He finally faces Elzbieta and explains to her the socialists point of view. He then gets a job as a porter that he got from the owner of the hotel who is also an active socialist named Hinds. His hotel is the center of socialist actions and also the place where Jurgis learns about the socialist party. He starts reading the ‘Appeal to Reason’ a kind of political newspaper to discourage other political parties. He now also hands this weekly paper out. He tries to get Marji to quit her job at the brothel but she wouldn’t listen so jurgis just forgets about it and he starts thinking about what changes he can make in

his life for the better. Before the election Jurgis goes to an important meeting in which he was invited to, there was a magazine editor there who jurgis thought he would probably have to tell hi slife story as a working man to support socialist views. He goes and finds the main speakers are an evangelist named Lucas and the editor Schliemann they go on about what the socialist party believes in and how things should be, after the meeting Jurgis felt like a new beginning and the socialist’s barely lost in the election which was a huge victory for them and a loss for wage-slavery.