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overcome with anger. He went searching for her boss and beat him to the ground. This caused him to be sent to jail. While in jail he realizes his family is starving and homeless, while he is being fed and housed. This is all on Christmas Eve. This begins his rebellion. His day in court came and he was sentenced to thirty days of imprisonment. He heads home to discover Ona in labor. The baby dies and Ona is diagnosed to be dying. Finally Ona dies at the age of eighteen. Jurgis decided to leave his family and become a vagrant. Jurgis ran throughout the country begging and stealing every chance he got. Jurgis met a man that introduced him to a big political power. This was Jurgis s biggest opportunity ever. Things were finally looking up for him until he met Ona s boss again. He

beat the man to the ground again. This ended Jurgis s strand of luck. Jurgis became a vagrant a second time. He would go to political meetings just to have a warm, dry place to stay. One day he ran into a friend that was at his wedding feast. From her he learns of Marija s whereabouts, suddenly he becomes homesick and sets out to find her. He finds the police was raiding the large house she was staying which at the time. He the finds out that she is working as a prostitute. He was taken into the police station with the prostitutes. He was dismissed along with the other men and the women were fined. He returned to the house with Marija To discover she was addicted to morphine. Tommy Hinds, a well-known socialist, hired Jurgis as a porter at a hotel. Several cattlemen came to the

hotel short of money because of the packers manipulation. Hinds used Jurgis to acquaint them with true conditions in the yards. This helped Jurgis become a figure in the socialist movement. He attended conferences and told of the conditions and political corruption the yards. There was an upcoming election in which the socialist party received three times more support than in the previous. This made them all realize that they were setting an example in Chicago and they need to keep expanding for the working man s sake. Upton Sinclair done a great job of showing several dilemmas this country had in the early twentieth century. He portrayed a poor Lithuanian family to show Americans these alarming flusters. He used the power of this book to help regulate the meat packing industry.

Although The Jungle was a fictitious novel it caught Theodore Roosevelt s attention and he took notice. If it were not for The Jungle there is no telling when this great country would have cleaned up their food industries if ever.