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people. The worker in early twentieth-century America is brutalized and stultified. Only that part of his personality needed to perform a monotonous task is kept alive; the rest is crushed. Under these conditions, love is reduced to mere bestiality; the tender aspects of marriage and the raising of children are harshly overshadowed by the agonies of the economic struggle; and indeed, marriage itself becomes an economic trap. Big Business has complete control of, but no responsibility for, the well-being of the masses. Big Business ultimately, deviously, controls government and the courts for its own benefit. In order to foster its corruption of politics, Big Business needs and thrives on crime and ultimately works in alliance with the criminal world. Capitalist democracy is

therefore a fraud, a contradiction in terms. There can be no true democracy in a society controlled by one class with hereditary economic power. Turn-of-the-century immigrants to America were lured into a trap. They were attracted by promises of economic well-being and political equality; instead, they were sacrificed on the altar of “progress,” the generation that built industrial society for its native owners. “Here, precisely as in Russia [1904] . . . rich men owned everything.” American greatness is due to exploitation. “If we are the greatest nation the sun has ever shone upon, it would seem to be mainly because we have been able to goad wage earners to [a] pitch of frenzy.” By using the characters in the meat-packing industry, Upton Sinclair is able to portray

his Socialistic messages. In the end, Jurgis’ life is turned around because the character finds true “freedom” and happiness in Socialism. The entire book is a large piece of propaganda supporting Socialism. To say that it was only meant to be a piece of propaganda would be ignorant, and foolish upon any readers part. Through his characters, Mr. Sinclair exposes a corrupt and brutal system in which on the law of the jungle reigns true. This belief is maintained by every single character in the piece. The author obvious had strong beliefs and motives for writing this book. Mr. Sinclair used his beliefs on socialism to provided an answer to how America trusts could be broken up. This book, (from American History Class) aided the common man to understand the horrid conditions

of the meat packing industry, as did books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beacher Stowe, ironically a white woman fighting for the freedom of slaves in the 19th century.OnaMarjiaJurgis RudkusTeta (Aunt) Elzbieta Kotrina Grandmother MajauskieneTamosziusDeda AntanasJokubas SzedvilasJadvyga JonasStanislovasMike ScullyPhil Connor AntanasJack Duane