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like a cheap ring.” (p. 289) The American-born daughters never grasped on to these traits, and as the book showed, they became completely different from their purely Chinese parents. They never gained a sense of real respect for their elders, or for their Chinese background, and in the end were completely different from what their parents planned them to be. By the stories and information given by each individual in The Joy Luck Club, it was clear to me just how different a Chinese-American person is from their parents or older relatives. I found that the fascinating trials and experiences that these Chinese mothers went through, are a testament to their enduring nature, and constant devotion to their elders. Their daughters, on the other hand, showed that pure Chinese blood

could be changed completely through just one generation. They have become American not only in their speech, but also in their thoughts, actions and lifestyles. This novel has not only given great insight into the Chinese way of thinking and living, but it has shown the great contrast that occurs from generation to generation, in the passing on of ideas and traditions.