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grassy knoll and an image of what people believe to be a gunman (Belzer 17). Robert Hughes captured movement from the sixth floor corner window of the Book Depository and the window next to it (Belzer 17). Abraham Zapruder shot perhaps the most famous film of all. His film stemmed evidence that for instance, there was a question ?based on the timing of the firing sequence taken from his film- as to whether a lone gunman could have fired so quickly with accuracy. Marine sharpshooters tried- and failed (Belzer 15). Other evidence indicated that policemen on the scene turned not toward the Book Depository, but toward Zapruder?s position neat the grassy knoll. Zapruder testified that he believed shots came from behind him: on the grassy knoll. None of the films ever made it into the

Warren Commission. There was yet another film shot by a lady referred to as the ?Babushka Lady?. This film was shot from a point where the depository windows and the grassy knoll could be seen clearly. The Monday following the assassination two men, whom she believed to be Secret Service or FBI agents, appropriated the film. The men told the ?Babushka Lady? that her film would be useful evidence, and if she turned it over it would be returned within ten days. The tape was never returned, and the men eventually said it was ?bad film?. (Belzer 19) Another suspicious activity that took place on the tragic day was the presence of the mysterious ?umbrella man?. The umbrella man was in the crowd on the Dealey Plaza sidewalk. He is very noticeable because he is the only one to bring an

umbrella on the particularly clear and warm day. In photos before the limousine enters the plaza, the man is shown standing casually with his umbrella closed. But, as the president?s car comes nearer a ?choreography?(Belzer 22) begins. As JFK draws parallel to the man, the president is hit by the first bullet. The man opens his umbrella pumping it in the air many times then closes it and lowers it. At that same moment his accomplice thrust his right arm into the air in what many researchers believe to be a clenched wrist salute. (Belzer 22) Yet another baffling incident is the lack of Secret Service protection during the motorcade route and the shooting. Secret Service agents actually turned down an offer from the Dallas Police Department for more security. During the motorcade

the service diminished their shield by reducing motorcycle police from eight to four. Once firing began photos and videos show strange lack of reaction from agents riding behind Kennedy. While JFK grasp his throat, Secret Service agents are looking around, two towards Kennedy, two towards the rear except Clint Hill, an agent brought at the last minute by the first lady. No agents move to shield the president from further gunfire. After the first shot was fired Kennedy?s driver actually brings the car to a halt. (Belzer 46) Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of President Kennedy. When he was taken into custody, Oswald pleaded that he was set up, he was a patsy (Garrison 70). The evidence surrounding the case of Oswald, and the evidence surrounding the day of the

assassination suggest that in fact Oswald was the perfect pasty for the CIA to mold. The CIA had been setting up Oswald since as early as January 1961, the month of Kennedy?s inauguration. Investigators believe that the CIA had people impersonate Oswald in order to paint the picture that Oswald was a crazed communist assassin. Before the assassination, Oswald was spotted at the Russian embassy in Mexico, buying a car, at the rifle range (Belzer 67), and giving out pro Castro leaflets in New Orleans. ?In the intelligence community there is a term used to describe this kind of manipulated behavior designed to create a desired image: sheepdipping. (Garrison 70).? It seems that Oswald had been in New Orleans to be sheepdipped under the guidance of Guy Banister and that he had been

sent back to Dallas when the mission was accomplished (Garrison 71). Oddly enough records indicate that the Oswald who enlisted in the Marines was 5?11,? the Oswald who went to Russia was 5?6? while the dead Oswald measured in at 5?9? (Belzer 68) At noon, on a street in Dallas, the president of the United States is assassinated. He is hardly dead when the official version is broadcast. In that version, which will be the definitive one, Lee Harvey Oswald alone has killed John Kennedy. ?The weapon does not coincide with the bullet, nor the bullet with the holes. The accused does not coincide with the accusation: (Galeano 183)?Oswald is an exceptionally bad shot, but according to the official version, his acts were those of a champion marksman and Olympic sprinter. He has fired an