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because how can a bullet travel through a person and still come out looking like a unfired bullet. In the movie JFK, Oliver Stone states a theory that one bullet went through Kennedy’s neck through the front not the back. He also believes that governor Connally was hit by a totally different bullet coming from behind. In order for Oswald to hit the president and Connally; he would have had to hit Kennedy and Connally with one bullet. This has become to be known as the “Single Bullet Theory”. The Single Bullet Theory” states that the shot fired from the book depository by Oswald went through the back of Kennedy’s neck and come out just below his Adam’s apple. Then the same bullet enters Connally through the middle of the back. It then comes out below his right nipple.

The bullet ratchets off Connally’s wrist into his thigh. The bullet is later found on Connally’s stretcher at Parkland Hospital. In order to prove the “Single Bullet Theory” an autopsy was performed on President Kennedy. The Doctors observed the wound in the neck around the Kennedy’s Adam’s apple. Dr. Carrico said “With those facts and the facts as I understand it no other bullet was found this would be, this was, I believe, was an exit wound. Dr. Perry “…I believe it was an exit wound” (Warren Report 89). Since the wound near Kennedy’s Adam’s apple was an exit wound, it would prove that the shot was fired from the behind Kennedy. This proves that the shot came from the book depository. The fatal shot to the head of Kennedy has been a strong point to many

theories. In the Movie JFK, Oliver Stone states a theory that the fatal shot came from the grassy knoll. He supported his theory by using witnesses who said they saw a puff of smoke by the grassy knoll. In contrast to Oliver Stone’s theory, on the day of the assassination there was a 20 miles per hour wind which this would have caused the puff of smoke to have been blown away. Also modern ammunition is smokeless (Sniper’s nest 86). Oliver Stone states that Kennedy’s head moves back and to the left. Proving the shot came from the grassy knoll. In the Autopsy, the report stated the shot entered the lower portion of the head and exited out the right side of Kennedy’s skull (Warren Report 109). In the Zapruder film, it shows at frame 313 the bullet strike Kennedy in the head.

“It [Kennedy's head] moves slightly to the left and downward, just for two or three frames, which is consistent with a bullet striking it from behind and nowhere else, because the momentum of the bullet is imparted” (Cockburn 295). With the entry wound coming from behind, this would mean that the bullet had to have come from the book depository. The only unanswered question is why would Oswald assassinate the president. This question has not been answered by any of the top critics. Most critics do not known he came from a broken family with only one parent. In movie the JFK, Oliver Stone never shows an actual history of Oswald as child. He never states Oswald’s mother’s life or how Oswald tried to assassinate Gen. Walker. These issues are important in how Oswald’s

personality is made up. He was a child that never had many friends or had anyone real close to him. The only person he had was his wife, and she turned him away on the eve of the assassination. He finally broke down and did something that he would be noticed for. Lee Harvey Oswald was a man with a mission in life to be noticed. He now is noticed as the man who assassinated the brightest president our country has ever seen. Our country should put to rest the assassination by releasing the classified documents that list the information of the FBI and CIA findings. 330