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ride up Houston Street, and then make sharp turn on to Elm street passing right in front of the book depository. On the evening of November 21, 1963, Oswald asked Marina to move back in with him. She refused; she said she wanted to stay with Ruth. The next morning she woke up, and he was gone. He left his wedding ring and $170 (Beck 72). On the morning of November 22, 1963, Oswald went to Buell Frazier’s home. He was caring a long object wrapped in paper. He then put the object into the back seat of Frazier’s car. Frazier asked him what was in the package? Oswald replied curtain rods (Sniper’s nest p71). Frazier and Oswald always walked together to the book depository, but On November 22, Oswald walked swiftly to the depository. Other workers said that he did not follow his

normal routine of reading yesterday’s news paper (Posner 224). Oswald went up to the sixth floor of the depository where he learned the direction in which the president would be coming. One of the worker, Charles Givens asked Oswald “Boy, are you going downstairs? Its near lunch time” Oswald said “No, sir.” Oswald is now alone in the sixth floor of the book depository to assemble the Mannlicher-Caracano rifle and move the boxes of books into the position to make a three side shield so that no one could see him firing at the president (Sniper’s Nest 76). Oswald was set and ready to fire at the president. During this time, the motorcade came up Houston Street and turned down on Elm Street. The first shot was fired; it misses the president. The people around think that

one of the motorcycles on the motorcade backfired. The second shot fires; it hit President Kennedy. Governor Connally smashes back into his jump seat and falls into his wife’s lap. The driver then slows the car down to a near stop. The President’s head tilts to the left where the final shot hit him on the right side of his head. Howard L. Brennan was watching the motorcade on Elm Street. He notice a rifle on the sixth floor of the book depository. He saw the rifle fire at the president’s car. He later told the police; this gave the police the description of Oswald (Warren Report 5). After Oswald fired the final shot, he leaves the sniper’s nest towards the rear stair case. Oswald drops the rifle between two boxes on the sixth floor of the depository. He then proceeds down

the stairs to the second floor. He enters the lunch room. A police officer stops Oswald. Oswald’s supervisor told the police officer that Oswald works here (Sniper’s Nest 82). Oswald then stops to purchase a coke and figure out how he is going to escape. He decides to go out the front entrance on Elm Street (Posner 264). Oswald decided to wait for a bus, but he thought it would be to risky; so he walked east on Elm Street away from the depository to the next bus stop (Sniper’s Nest 83). He got the bus at the bus stop. Traffic was backed up because of the shooting. Oswald then asked if he could get off the bus. Oswald asked for a cab (Posner 266). Oswald told the cab driver to go the 500 block of North Beckley. This was where his rooming house was. Oswald got off at the 700

block of North Beckley. He was now five minutes from his rooming house (267). Oswald went his rooming house. While at his rooming house, Oswald grabbed his jacket and a revolver. He then walked out of the rooming house, and started walking down the block. At this time his description went over the dispatch. Officer J.D. Tippet stopped Oswald. He asked Oswald a few questions. Tippet then got out of the car; Oswald pulled out his revolver and shot him down. Oswald then ran to the Dallas Theater where he was apprehended (Sniper’s Nest 86-87). Oswald was down to the police headquarters for questioning. The police made a strong case against Oswald. They proved the rifle was his and they found the paper he had it wrapped in (United Press International 63-65). After the questioning,

Oswald was being transferred. As Oswald and the police officers exited the Police station through the basement, Jack Ruby fired a shot into Oswald. Oswald died at a hospital in Dallas. Jack Ruby was then charged with the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. The evidence found in the last thirty years has shown some controversy over how Lee Harvey Oswald could have assassinated John F. Kennedy. The contrasting ideas of experts causes many theories as to how the president was shot. The evidence that points to Lee Harvey Oswald is that his finger prints were all over the rifle and the boxes in the book depository (Sniper’s Nest 79). This proves that Oswald was in the sniper’s nest that he made. The second bullet fired by Lee Harvey Oswald that hit Kennedy and Connally has been debated